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CR2 (2) 490 1 102 hr 1.2 hr CREE XM-L2

The Bolt Light is a special three-way collaboration between Fellhoelter, Tuff-Writer, and FOURSEVENS, with a unique and innovative user-interface. While most flashlights rely on a traditional push-button switch, the Bolt Light uses a sliding bolt mechanism, allowing you to turn the light on and off, or change modes, with an easy and natural swiping motion. With three brightness levels and four special output modes, the Bolt Light is versatile enough to meet the needs of a variety of situations.

Dimensions Length: 5.83 inches/ Diameter: 0.71 inches/Weight (without batteries): 2.7 oz
LED Emitter CREE XM-L2
Voltage range 2.7V -8.4V
Spot Beam Angle: 15.3 Degree /

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Diameter at 3 meters: 820 mm

Flood Beam Angle: 52.3 Degree / Diameter at 3 meters: 3890 mm
Brightness Levels Low: 59 lumens, 8 hrsHigh:Burst at 490 lumens, 1 minute���������then 245 lumens, 1.2 hours

Strobe: 490 lumens, 2.4 hours

Special Modes S.O.S.: 6 hrs / Beacon (High): 15 hours / Beacon (Low): 23 hours / Moonlight: 1 lumen, 102 hours
Reflector Smooth
Body Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Bezel Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Lens Material Optical-grade glass lens with antireflective coating on both sides
Water Resistance
Included Accessories Batteries, spare o-rings
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Current Regulation Reverse-Polarity Protection Mode Memory Burst Mode

Bolt-Action switch

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AAA (1) 100 5 20 hr 1 hr CREE XP-L HD

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