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Author: femmegirl-97666 from United States
26 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is as if the concern of the producers and story writers were so focused on the movie's DBOX worthiness that they forgot to include the story line.I went to this movie with two friends that have not read the books, as I have. Both walked out of the movie confused..."Where did the virus come from?" was the first question that they asked. The beginning of the movie should have included the reason why W.I.C.K.E.D. created the Maze, explained what the Flare is, and introduced both groups of Maze runners. Instead, the audience is lost in visual effects without knowing why the action is happening. To add insult to injury, the writers turn the virus infected people into inhuman, biologically altered zombies. The immune are now a commodity for a short term fix to the virus problem. So much has been lost by these adaptations that the result is a vague and confusing zombie flick. I almost walked out.

This was a wonderful book that should have been an incredible movie.

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Author: Cirja Onisim from Romania
24 September 2015

First of all, I didn't want to go and see this movie especially because I saw the first part and while I was watching it I was really interested in knowing why they were tested in the maze or who Thomas and Teresa were, what they did before they were cast out into the maze, etc... but unfortunately I got none of this answers, but what I did get were a lot more mysteries but no answers, but it's not like LOST where it leaves the audience thinking and putting things together and finding out the mysteries, but it's more of a dull and predictable mysteries every time they have some of the main characters talk to each other.This movie starts where the other one picked off, both in action and in mysteries, you will get 0 answers as to how the virus infected the world, or how the world was destroyed as it is, or what is the cure, and mainly you will see that there is no real motivation to be on wither side WICKD or the Gladers, because in fact what separates their motivations is just the way they use the antidote and nothing more, here there's more illogicalness than clever writing or a logical explanation of why Thomas and the others are against WICKD, but yeah the movies spends more of its time giving you more mysteries and making you more interested in seeing the final conclusion than actually put some sense into this chapter... Next, the dialogues are extremely cliché-d like: "you're not working as fast as I need you", or "the boss arriving sooner than expected", "come on let's go!", etc, etc... you get the picture. Although I might be ignored, cause every useful reviews on this are from people who think this movie is awesome, I need to say my opinion and save the money of some people who want to go see this movie hoping it's a good one. More, it seems like every time there is a dialog that can reveal key plot points or mysteries, or memories, is cut short and the subject quickly changes to something else, and it gets really frustrating, I was laughing as hard as I could with my friend in the cinema, while watching things like that or glass that breaks, then suddenly not breaks, then finally breaks, it's like the glass listens to the movie script, just like other things like storm or zombies. This movie got so bad, that at one point where it turned ridiculously cliché-d and mysterious beyond any measure, I thought of leaving the cinema, but I stayed out of respect for my friends who invited me to see it, cause I would NEVER see a movie so cliché-d and stupidly mysterious(I couldn't find any other words) in my life again. This is just an insult to an intelligent mind because this movie just wants to be too clever but ends up setting more mysteries and events for the next movie than it resolves the mysteries or conflicts it already has. Even though there isn't a "Maze Runner" title to show at the beginning of the movie, this movies feels ridiculously stupid about running in every scene of the movie. All the conflicts or natural disasters end up with the Young Adults running from those things. And yeah, you heard me correctly, even the natural disasters are chasing the kids. At this point I was having 0 expectations from the movie, and it didn't surprised me after that, being only more cliché-d and predictable, not even zombie's scares didn't frighten me, and honestly I remained with pretty much nothing after this movie, unlike after I watch movies from Stephen Spielberg, Nolan, Scorsese, Ron Howard, etc, etc...

So to wrap up this review, don't go and see this movie, unless you are bored to death and want to have some fun and laugh at how bad this movie really is. By the way, the movie's rating is way too high, this shows just how easily people are fooled and how easily their money are wasted on things like this. This movie's real rating should be around 5-6, but until it gets there(which probably won't happen) I stick with 1.

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Author: Manwyn Leong from Sydney, Australia
1 October 2015

***this review may contain spoilers*** It is undeniable that this movie has its fair share of thrills, stunning CGI scenes and unique yet realistically gory zombies.However, there is nothing more to that. It jumps from scene to scene without enough plot to give the audience a sufficient sense of appreciation as to why the characters are doing what they do. I could hardly believe it when the movie ended, 2 hours wasted on what could have been time playing "left 4 dead 2" and still leaving me with the same feeling - the 'that was thrilling but a complete waste of time' feeling.

I'm going to keep this a short and simple, almost lazy review. Because that is exactly how I feel about this movie.

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Author: aprilhoffmann from ca
28 September 2015

Short version: Read the book, but don't see the movie. OR, go see the movie, but don't read the book. Just DON'T do both.Long version: There really are no words to describe how far away this movie was from the book. It was like going into a theater expecting to see The Terminator, and seeing Braveheart instead. Both great movies, but NOTHING similar about them. Besides the character names, lightening, and some sand, NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING about this movie resembled ANY part of the book. Nothing. I read the book in one day, two days before I saw this movie. I was so excited to see this fantastic book come to life, and I left sorely disappointed.I'm not sure if the author of the book was involved at all in the decisions that went into the writing of this movie, but they completely bastardized, completely changed EVERYTHING about his story. Even the core motivation behind the 'who and the why' was different.It simply was not the same story at all. I've seen many books made into movies and I'm familiar with the huge and often disappointing changes they inevitably make, but this was off the charts. I've never seen anything like it.

If you haven't read the books, then go see it. It was fun enough. But please don't bother if you enjoyed the original story; because it's a completely different one.

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Author: crash76er1 from United States
19 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked Maze runner, but still don't understand why they didn't just build a ladder to the top of the wall and walk out. This movie was full of WTF stupid moments that really bugs me.Like why

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didn't they just turn off the generator when they noticed that that's what brought the zombies to life?! Instead they just leave it on and like Monty Pithon they run away, run away!When Brenda and Thomas see that creepy growing red stuff on the walls of the sewer, anyone else, after all they have been through would have taken one look and said nope, I'm outta here, but instead they have to go fully investigate this dangerous looking creepy stuff. They could have found a better way to have Brenda get infected.When Thomas makes an impossible heroic save of Brenda from falling to the ground through the glass, are we really supposed to assume they had no trouble at all getting back to the doorway above and clear from danger?!When that guy is shooting the big gun off the back of the truck, first of all he is a horrible shot not able to hit a huge helicopter and second, why didn't he shoot the transport before the kids got on it. All the bad people were on it and ripe for the killing and yet he does nothing. I also thought Mary's character was way too short lived. Brenda and Thomas relationship was not played out well enough and I really don't like Teresa. Traitor bitch ;) Also couldn't they find a better song than After Midnight? AC/DC or Disturbed or something that sounded like destruction would have made for a better scene.

I have not read the books, but maybe the film would be better if they hadn't heavily diverted away. Either way I think it was lazily written and I want my $6 back! Lol

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Author: dan6288
20 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While the first Mazerunner set itself away from the pack of YA Dystopian future film adaptations, Scorch Trials jumps on the bandwagon.I even got them all confused at one point. Isn't there a 'scorch' and a 'wall' that prevents those why-are-we-so-dangerous Divergents from crossing the void? Isn't there a great dictator and our 'only hope' youngling who vows to 'kill' him/her in Hunger Games? Isn't there a group of important-but-we-don't-really-know-why kids running around in Kanye West's latest fashion line in both of those films? The first Mazerunner kept the mystery, pace, energy, and most importantly action, all at such a great length and mood of importance, that it was hard not to like. Scorch Trials tries to keep that energy, but this time around it feels forced and misdirected.Not to mention the run-time that is completely unnecessary. Like 'Mad Max' the plot is thin. They escape, they run, they escape again, run some more, a little bit more escaping, they run again, they escape once more, and end the film with.... we have to go back and 'finish' this.Finish what?! What is so damn important?! We don't know because the whole film works like a long filler episode of television. Just as two characters are about to reveal hidden memories to one another or answer important plot questions, they stop! I find that to be unbearable and annoying (especially since it occurs several times from beginning to end.)You never have a single conversation end in this film. It's all hints, hints... nothing.And once the film ends, it ends with two lines that make no sense. "I'm going to kill her." Why? Does that stop WKD? Nope. Then a response. "What is your plan?" --as our hero responds with a look out in the distance-- we cut to black..... because you don't have a f*cking plan. Because none of you have a f*cking plan. There is a constant mood in this film, and the Divergent films, and the Hunger Games, that something is important, some kind of a minuscule idea is important, but we're gonna take 8 films to kinda-sorta find out what that important thing is.

Consensus? I now consider the first Mazerunner a great film that'll have to stand on its own. Skip Scorch, or wait for DVD. The good things? One or two moments of action (not scenes) that are well done. And in general the scope, set pieces, and CGI are top notch.

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Author: Andrew Macdonald from United Kingdom
6 November 2015

A film with little substance or meaning. Zero plot, zero character development and zero fulfillment after watching. Cardboard actors, poor plot line (wasteland zombie survival by inexperienced 'teens' with luck on their side). I simply cannot understand why Hollywood can continue to churn out such condescending and boring films like this which cost a fortune to make (wow - must be good if cost $100million!). I can only think that Hollywood marketing overrules common sense of young adults whom Hollywood execs think are easy to hoodwink to pay and watch tripe like this. It's up to you, but if you go and watch this and waste your money watching the same, then don't blame me for not warning you. Total garbage and about 2 out of 10 from a film lover with 35 years viewing experience.

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Author: oskar mellblom from Sweden
24 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed watching the first Maze Runner but I didn't think this was quite as good.The Scorch Trials got some great and intense, action packed scenes, good acting and cool environments but that's it. If you liked the first movie you may like this too or you may get a little disappointed. Don't have so high hopes on this movie.I still enjoyed it a bit but I think it got many bad parts.I'm not a fan of zombies so I hated the Idea with zombies in the desert or (infected people with a virus, Cranks). Everything is about Thomas in this movie. Everyone knows him and he does not know them. He does not even want to know who they are. That's so weird. I got tired of everyone calling his name. It felt like there was never a scene without Thomas in it.

I think the most irritating part is that Thomas and the others do everything they can to escape from the "WICKED", they go out in the scorch and some of them dies. Later on one friend of his is getting caught by the WICKED again and Thomas decides that he will turn around. They barely even made it out from the scorch and now they turn back after 2hours of the film because one friend got caught? (also because he realized he wants to fight the WICKED now and not run away anymore). It felt like a meaningless adventure. I think they could just skip to the 3rd movie right away.

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Author: mark-631-841457 from United States
24 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh how I wish I'd seen a trailer that showed the absurd zombie incarnations. Gag me with a spoon.Now I'm supposed to issue a SPOILER ALERT... although to give away this plot is laughable it is so formulaic and predictable. The entire premise of the movie is absurd. Fast paced to nowhere with lots of movement, little action, noisy and pointless. Gee, the obtuse teenager tries to save his buddies from having their blood sucked out of them by the mean scientists and from being bitten by the zombie creatures. And the soldier group -- the right wing so to speak -- are so rag tag as to be an impossible group to put up any kind of struggle against the crack troops of WCKD... wicked. (wasn't that clever!) When searching for the rag tag group, they get stuck in a canyon behind cars left to barricade their hiding place. Then they get attacked -- are you ready -- with the ubiquitous helicopters that everyone in the known universe knows WCKD has... except the right appendage (I don't want to give away their clever name).

Just wish this group had gotten lost in the maze.

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