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Author: gundugumblock from Canada
6 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was excellent. It was a truly adult theme and very realistically made. This genre of movies has not been explored in India because of social taboos but it happens all the time. People fall in & out of love, they may never be 'in-love' with their spouse but think they do and keep looking for a deep romantic love. This movie explored all this with tenderness & dignity as the dominant themes. What's more, it was not primitive in it's treatment of the story i.e. the previous tone for movies would have been to kill these people who fall in love outside of marriage or suddenly turn their spouses into abusing monsters - to justify the people falling in love - who die and bless the new couple in the dying scene to be together! The movie had a realistic and logical conclusion. The only thing is that it could have been shorter. Nevertheless, it was not boring. All the actors have given it their best shot.

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Author: Arunirvana from India
12 August 2006

I make onion poha for breakfast thrice a week, with the bare minimum ingredients possible. One day I tried to experiment some (inspired by the stalls outside my Engineering college) and tried some sugar (caramelized onions anyone?), extra turmeric and some red chilli powder. The result was anything but edible but I humbly gulped it down.KANK is an honest attempt to break away from the mauled of sugary romances by the new age love guru Karan Johar. An honest attempt, huh? Its the result that speaks volumes in the age of fast-food and fast-love. What we get to witness this time is not the time tested elaborate shaadis, karwa chauths or the big fat Indian family reunions, reminiscent of his and Yash "uncle's" earlier movies. This time its the bold subject of infidelity - the sensitive (ahem!) portrayal of seeking love outside a loveless (???) marriage. How far does Karan succeed? Lets check it out through the eyes of a neutral, unassuming viewer.KANK is the story about Dev (Shahrukh), a footballer whose career dreams are broken along with his leg when he meets with a freak accident, which makes him a recluse. His ever complaining ways puts his marriage with Rhea (Priety), a successful woman, on the rocks. In another part of New York city, there is marital tension between Rishi (Abhishek), & Maya (Rani) for reasons only known to Karan dude. Maya is a cleanliness freak and doesn't know why she is married to Rishi even after 4 years being together. She thinks that she is trapped in a loveless marriage, whereas her hubby still goes ga-ga over her. In the midst of all this mayhem, we have the swinging sexagenarian Sam (Big B) who could be the poster boy for Viagra and Dev's endearing mom played by Kirron Kher.Its baffling to comprehend the first meeting between the protagonists Dev & Maya on the latter's wedding day and the subsequent exchange of words between total strangers. She is confused about the marriage right from the word go due to godforsaken reasons. Cut to the present times and the duo meet up under similarly make-belief circumstances. The sequences revolving around a bizarre character "Black Beast" is corny to the core (now I wish I had seen Krrish!). The first half is laced with incoherent scenes like these, barring a few. The screen lights up whenever Big B is there, he provides the much desired light-hearted moments. His tete-a-tete with Kirron Kher is quite funny.Well, coming back to the crux of the movie, the protagonists become pally, meet up regularly and discuss ways to save their crumbling marriages. At this point, Karan dude goes over the top again and gives us the work which resembles that of an overzealous amateur. The scenes where Maya teaches Dev the art of giving a good massage in a furniture store and Karan trying it on his wife and Maya metamorphosing into a seductive hunterwaali clearly takes the movie to abysmal levels. Then the inevitable happens, the duo become too close for comfort and decide to cheat on their respective spouses - what set out as mending work created a bigger monster.Now lets talk about the performances, which forms the most important aspect of a Karan Johar movie as he employs the best in the industry. Shahrukh plays the role of Dev with conviction and nobody else could have bettered him here, but hey wait a minute, haven't I seen the same expressions in half a dozen of his earlier movies? Rani is competent but one hardly tends to sympathize with her character inspite of crying a bucketful. Abhishek Bachchan is the surprise packet, he goes through a range of emotions as if he is already a veteran, great acting from the junior. Priety looks glamorous and in a couple of scenes manages to overshadow king Khan too, but was that cleavage show necessary? Kirron Kher too does a great job but its Big B who again proves yet again that he is the real king and this time he gives a certain Mr.Hashmi a run for his money. He is ice cool in the first half and philanthropic towards the latter stages.All said and done, the stellar cast raises the bar of the movie but then to what extent? A movie with such a half baked plot and treatment can't be saved from the obvious, it disappoints. The screenplay leaves a lot to be desired and that poses a question in front of Karan dude - Is it really worth to break away from the mauled? An ardent fan of his movies would be satisfied watching the protagonists running around trees and mustard fields and elaborate traditional celebrations of filthy rich families.

Nowadays I make onion pohas with a dash of lemon and they taste just fine. I guess I've learnt that the right way of making it by pondering over my mistakes, without going overboard with experimentation. Good luck Mr Johar!

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Author: shikhasinghi from India
12 August 2006

Saddest take on extra marital relationships. No justification for anything. Why SRK falls for Rani? How is she so different from Preity? Why is Rani angry with Abhishek? What does SRK give her? There is no justification and as a viewer I do not get interested in any relationship whatsoever. Because nothing looks real. One does not feel any emotions and the stars are crying all the time! Everything looks artificial and concocted. The director does not seem to have any depth and any understanding of the sensitivities. One should have a look at Arth and Silsila to see how this kind of cinema should be attempted. Good locations and costumes do not make up for an atrocious film.

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Author: deenabeckham from Canada
13 August 2006

The storyline is weak. It lacks a good foundation to build a good plot...though I am glad that Karan Johar took the initiative to break out of his routine-happy-movies...he definitely missed the mark. Could this be the beginning of the end for him?....The content was unconvincing, fake and unreal. There is no justification for any of their actions, namely Maya (Rani) and Dev's (SRK). To put it's just something the general audience will not be able to digest.The backdrop is all too familiar with Kal Ho Na Ho and the songs aren't that great either. The film felt like it was on a never-ending much could've been edited and so much of it was unnecessary...felt like I was in the theatre for ages. BUT... nonetheless, I personally think the acting was satisfactory- and that goes for Preity, Rani, Abhishek, ..and maybe even SRK.

I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a big flop.

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Author: rraj5 from United States
13 August 2006

So, how do we make movie.Step 1: Start from an idea Step 2: ... No point going to this step and onwards because that's where the thinking part ends in this case.The idea was good, different and definitely unconventional. The execution was flawed and suffered from lack of thinking and complete inability to knit a story around that idea.Let's start with lack of identity in and relevance of characters: Sam - couldn't figure out why is this character in the movie. He could not resolve anything, could not set an example of any kind. If he is trying to be Hugh Hefner, so be it - don't mix or dilute that character with stints of love for his late wife.Kamaljit - Such a fine actress - totally wasted because of the same issue as above.Maya - why is she unhappy? is she very fond of cleaning and Rishi very fond of throwing trash around; she wants to do or achieve something in life that Rishi is not letting her to? is she in love with some other guy before marriage (like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam) and she is stuck here? Not explained at all in the movie.Dev - Why is he so irritated all the time? What does he want in life? Why does he feel bad when Rhea kind of shows her generosity when she declines the promotion but he makes sarcastic remarks when he wins some small time cup in the beginning of the movie but she is unable to make it because of her interview? His love towards Maya all these years (even though he was married) and his waiting or letting the trains go, keeping a close watch at her etc. comes as a big surprise to the audience as well (at least tell us about it so that we can at least appreciate and understand your character and try to defend you.. because ultimately it is going to be your story)? How was he wronged

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to an extent that he had to leave his son, his mother because of some Maya after more than 5 years of marriage? What led him to pull the chain in the end when he didn't even know that Maya wasn't living with Rishi anymore? Totally confused guy with no sense of life.Rhea - Understood. She is a career oriented woman and work comes first and family second. That's a personal choice and I appreciate that. She is very successful and took the magazine to No. 1 spot in less than 2 years (she joined when her son was 5yrs old). But her way of dealing with personal situations is very immature - don't believe she played any role in dealing with people issues to make the magazine such a big success. And what was the meaning of - Now we are No. 1 and now let us go back to our husbands and family. Are you saying that leaving husbands and family was part of the project plan to bring the magazine to No. 1 spot and that now there will not be any effort to keep it that way. Trust me, fight for sustenance at No. 1 spot is far more hard than achieving it.Rishi - The most reasonable character in the movie. Although we don't know what is going on in his mind and how he wants to resolve things than just being totally committed and in love with Maya..but still.. we can grant him some room.Arjun - A cute little angel with Chicken Little looks. He could have played a significant role in the movie to turnaround things and situations. But he is a kid...he gets to suffer in the let us leave him for now.In short - if we have so many weak characterizations playing the lead role in the movie, howsoever good the concept is - it is bound to fail.The only good thing in the movie (that is why 1 star) 1- Music. Great Music!! But the songs, lyrics and the situations were totally out of sync with the storyline.Mr. Johar - I have been a big fan of yours and I am sure you know this but I don't know why you missed it this time - There's a lot that goes into a movie to make it watchable than designer dresses, new york streets, and the most expensive and talented set of actors in Indian film industry. Please take charge of the movie and understand your responsibility and accountability to get the best out of them.

This is not a Karan Johar movie - this is a movie that happens to have Karan Johar's name as the director.

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Author: parulshri from India
19 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had not watched the movie till lately.But unfortunately had to watch it.And i got so disgusted that i had to search for the site, become a member to post the comments! Because if by any chance it reaches the makers of the movie, i want to tell them that it was a sheer waste of money and energy, and should not be repeated in a country like ours! First of all, the movie is shot in foreign location when according to the story there is absolutely no need for doing that. The makers are clearly aiming at the overseas audience who will appreciate anything and everything in the name of India..not their fault.I don't want to write much about the flaws of the movie as a lot of people have already done that on this very site. However, what is worth mentioning is that the concept was very good n could have been a very good movie.. The problem is that the protagonists are not normal people with normal problems n expectations. They are on the wrong stand through out and so manage to gather no sympathies what-so-ever. It is also impossible to identify with these people and therefore we don't feel like crying every time they cry(which happens way too often) instead, towards the end, every time they break into tears, we feel like yawning.

Shahrukh Khan could not have been worse, Rani was wasted and Amitabh Bachchan was disappointing beyond limits. Preity Zinta kept a straight face throughout, i know not why!! All in all, a sensitive topic completely wasted. Only one message to the makers, the audience is not so naive anymore.. it takes a lot more to make a good movie than huge mansions, designer clothes, half clad white women in 2 or 3 party songs, and dozens of bottles of glycerin. You can do much better than this. And if the promos of your next movie are remotely on these lines, i really wonder if Karan Johar will remain Karan Johar anymore, who can attract crowds only by his name.

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Author: maxqnzs42 from Te Ika a Maui, Aotearoa
24 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kabhi "kank" na dekhnaa!! This movie had the best ending of any BW film I've seen. The only way to improve on the ending of this film would have been to move it 190 minutes closer to the beginning.I must congratulate KJ on blending unsympathetic, whiny, self-absorbed characters with a convoluted, self-indulgent and incredibly overblown storyline. I should also thank him for making me think kindly of Mother India, which now seems like a 10 minute comic riot when compared to this month-long episode of "Hamare Zindagii ke dinoN". I was easily able to understand how desperation to get out out of it caused Big B to have a heart attack. Talk about life imitating art! Still, it must have been less painful than being stuck in the nightmare of that movie. The guy is well-read, thoughtful and well-spoken off screen, but is painted a sleazy lecher in the first 45 minutes of this film. When Preity says "this marriage is over", my only reaction was "but this movie's still got 40 minutes to go!" Poor Kajol should have avoided this stinker like the plague, opting for classy, high-quality drama like "Girlfriend" instead.

I now have a soft spot for Preity, and hope that starring in this clunker doesn't weigh her down with too much bad karma. Now I'm off to do pooja for whichever deity inspired the FF button, to say thanks for preventing my suicide.

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Author: tulip06 from India
16 August 2006

Hello Karan, This one's for you...Did you know that extra marital affairs or relationships are NOT built on flimsy grounds. It takes a lot of courage, pain, thought, guilt, yes, no, yes, no and finally when the partners give in (particularly when both are married) there is a lot of intensity, commitment to each other and hidden emotions which are so strong that you start to "feel" even if you are a listener/counselor/friend/confidante.. So just imagine how deep such a bond is, when it breaks the fetters of society. I am surprised that a person of your SENSITIVITY handled this theme with such a casual attitude.... And SRK who is at his emotive best in other films just lazily glides through this... as if the entire gamut of emotions is happening to someone else.. and Rani was a BAD choice despite her histrionic talents she could not handle this one... Kajol would have been better...since the basic rendering of the theme was so poor and disappointing, the characters did not depict any sensitivity/intensity/guilt/reason for an affair... no point in going into other cinematic content... it is a long awaited but disappointing finale..Study human relationships next time... before you venture into adult stuff..Good Luck anyways

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Author: vani mehra from India
15 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Karan,I wait for your new releases anxiously but this one was disappointing.It was not that the whole concept was bad,but it could have been better.There were very negative elements in the movie which i think were not taken care off.Dev had been shown as a bad father because he is always found his son scolding and even at the end he prefer his selfishness instead of his child.If Maya could not be happy with such a good husband then she will be never satisfied with anyone else,cos there is not a single reason shown in the movie which shows that Dev can love her more than Rishi.I feel that Riya and Rishi were very good pair for two of them and still they wanted something more.Till the end of the movie Maya and Dev have not realized their mistake.Dev's mother preferred living with Riya ,his son is happy with his mom and doesn't miss his father anymore,Rishi compromised marrying again to fill the emptiness in his life and these two selfish characters are happy in the end disturbing so many lives.If end would have been shown as realizing what blunder they did and would have shown cared for their family,it could have win audience applause,Rishi and Riya were not at all wrong instead both of them were so lovable then why they had to undergo from such a pain?It could have been a hit if the story line would have been better.

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Author: anol_o from India
21 October 2006

Watch it only if your life depends on it. Perhaps. In a country where millions of people are living below the poverty line, are dying of curable diseases like malaria, living like rats and dying like flies ... making movies (even bad ones) about rich, confused, NRI a**h***s is not only pointless but OUTRIGHT WRONG. Or may be it is not such a bad idea after all - "if they have no bread, let them eat cake". This movie can be described by these words - TORMENTING, TORTUROUS, HORRIBLE, EXCRUCIATING, AGONIZING, HARROWING, PAINFUL, TORTUROUS and MIND-NUMBING. Also sitting through this movie proves that there is something seriously wrong with me and that I should reevaluate my life.

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