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Story: Earth's environment is crippled in the not-too-distant future. A dwindling food supply due to crop pestilence means that mankind will soon be doomed. It is up to a group of intrepid astronauts to navigate galaxies via a wormhole near the rings of Saturn, to locate a new home for humanity.

Review: Cooper (McConaughey) is a former pilot who dreams of soaring in the skies again. Unfortunately, Cooper needs to have his feet firmly on terra firma to take care of farm and family. His father-in-law (Lithgow) repeatedly reminds him about that. Cooper's daughter Murph (Foy) however is as bright a spark - and as passionate about what she believes in - as her father is. Murph is also imaginative; she attributes randomly-moving objects and books in her room to poltergeist activity. But her dad reminds her that "there are no ghosts".


The first of many direct homages to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is the jump-cut from where he drives away from home, face filling the frame in the car, to the same face now clad in space helmet and taking off in a rocket set for interstellar overdrive in space. It was Cooper's old boss Dr Brand (Caine) who convinced him (admittedly, without much effort) to make the perilous-but-promising journey navigating singularities and stars along with scientists Doyle (Bentley), Romilly (Gyasi), Brand's charismatic daughter Amelia (Hathaway) and a helpful robot named TARS (Irwin) on their journey millions of light years from home and hearth. Apart from the planned objectives, they have no idea what to expect. And it is this process of discovery that is magnificent, complex and a true testament to Nolan's visionary genius. McConaughey is brilliant but Hathaway is a little unconvincing. The terminologies and mathematical formulae might confound some, but you will nonetheless be dazzled. Subtexts abound: the individual vs. the good of mankind, love's overarching influence over time and space and so on.

Hans Zimmer's score swells like the tides throughout; ebbing, flowing and speaking a separate sonic language. This intergalactic extravaganza is clearly in a class by itself.


1. It is reported that until post production of the film, actor Matthew McConaughey had not revealed the plot of the film even to his wife.

2. Director Christopher Nolan was doubtful that how would they give a scientifically accurate depiction of a black hole to audience. However, after filming the movie he found the finished effect to be explainable provided that he maintained steady camera perspectives.

3. Christopher Nolan reportedly decided to cast Matthew McConaughey after seeing his performance in Mud (2012).

4. Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan was reportedly considered for a role. However, he declined due to schedule conflicts with The Lunchbox (2013) and D-Day (2013).

5. The archive footage interviews were filmed for the production and altered later to look old.

6. Christopher Nolan had instructed composer Hans Zimmer to come up with a unique score.

7. Giant dust clouds for the film were created on the sets. Large fans were used to blow cellulose-based synthetic dust.

8. Christopher Nolan had invited former astronaut Marsha Ivins on the set to get an inspiration of real space travel.

9. Steven Speilberg was supposed to direct the film in 2006. However he opted out of the film for some other project.

10. Physicist Kip Thorne was asked to make a cameo in the film and was asked to play himself. Apparently his works has inspired this film.


1The debris which is discarded by the damaged rotating station could not have lingered around the area. Any debris should have departed from the craft in a straight line away from the center of rotation.

2​The older Murphy has a distinct chin cleft but the younger Murphy does not have it.

3Before Cooper gives Murphy the watch, the time shows 9:02. However, when they compare it later, the time reads 8:22.

4Murphy pushes the gear shifter forwards instead of pulling back where 2nd gear is found in that particular vehicle.

5After docking to the damaged Endurance, the ship's engines are fired for the escape maneuver. The ship's engine axis is well away from the center of mass, yet the station doesn't spin.

6Brand is so close to the event horizon while doing the gravitational slingshot that her subsequent escape would have had her travelling such a high percentage of the speed of light that landing on another planet would have been rather hard since she'd first have to shed all of that velocity.

7The damaged craft spinning around its central axis would cause the docking hatch to rotate and to move in circles, eventually making the docking, as seen in the movie, impossible.

8Coops' spiral pocket notebook keeps changing in every scene. While the spirals come loose in a few scenes, the notebook is in quite a good shape in others.

9Cooper draws a schematic on the drawing board to depict a landing on a planet close to the black hole. Two scenes later, the drawing is different from the one first shown.

10In the docking sequence after leaving Dr.Mann's planet, Case said that rotation ratio of Endurance is 67-68 rpm but judging by the actual screen it is way slower than this and around 10-15 rpm.

11Cooper and family drive through a dust storm early in the movie. When they reach their home and park before rushing inside, the dust-laden wind seems to be blowing from the left side. Later, the dust patterns seems to have shifted to the other side of

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the car.

12Cooper says gravity on Miller's planet is 130% more than Earth. Therefore, a human would weigh more and have difficulty moving around weighing more than double their body weight in such an environment as the crew's bodies were accustomed to Earth's gravity.

13An hour on Miller (the water planet) equals 7 years of Earth time. Thus, Doyle, Cooper and Romilly say they cannot spend more than the bare minimum time on Miller. But they end up spending much more time there due to the tidal wave accident. This costs them 23 years in Earth time as the Endurance is still on Earth time. But how did the Endurance have enough power/fuel for 23 years? Especially since after they leave Miller, the Endurance only has enough fuel to go to one more planet.

14When Mann (Damon) tries to dock with the Endurance and fails, the explosion would have completely de-stabilised the orbiting space station's rotation. It would then be wobbling and spinning in a haywire manner. Yet, the craft is still shown as spinning uniformly like a bicycle wheel. When Mann tries to dock with the space station, he botches it up, is killed and his craft is destroyed. The debris from the explosion (given that they are relatively small pieces) in space should have been sucked into the enormous Gargantua's gravity field which is nearby, instead of just floating around.

15Decoding massively complex mathematical formulae (the kind of which took Dr Brand most of his life) and sending that via Morse Code to Murph via the moving seconds hand of a watch would be an enormous task where even one error could mean the whole thing not working. Therefore, Cooper must have spent an awful lot of time inside that black hole. If that kind of data was even one gigabyte at least, it has been calculated that it would take millions of movements of the watch's seconds hand to convey that information. That too, with zero margin for error. A simple idea of this complexity - to convey a single 'open bracket' in Morse, the word 'o-p-e-n-space-b-r-a-c-k-e-t-s-p-a-c-e' would have to be spelt out with each alphabet involving a series of dots and dashes.

16How does Cooper leave the black hole without any assistance? If the 'aliens' are future humans, who left him floating in Saturn's orbit? And if he has been floating near Saturn for a long time before being rescued, his oxygen stores seem to never deplete.

17he blight that is killing Earth is said to breathe nitrogen. If nitrogen is then depleted and there is too much oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere in the future, humanity would certainly perish, but by a medical condition known as Oxygen Toxicity and not just suffocation as explained in the film.

18Common reading regarding black holes will inform you that as matter is pulled into it, it is torn apart to its very strands of atoms. Yet, Cooper goes into it intact while his craft is destroyed.

19Black holes absorb everything — light included — as nothing can escape them. They also distort sound. Therefore, Cooper's voice and transmissions would be distorted as time dilation would occur when he approaches the Event Horizon of the black hole.

Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' has received massive appreciation from not only Hollywood but Bollywood celebrities too. The Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway starrer, has given us a reason to hit the screens this weekend after a long dry spell of creative films.Impressed with the film, viewers took to the social networking site Twitter in large numbers to express their experience. While some tweets urged us to go and watch the film, some tickled our funny bones. Let's take a look at some of the tweets here:

Bollywood's reaction on Interstellar

Sujoy Ghosh: interstellar has to be one of the best father/daughter story ever. forget the science.. the love story is to die for...

Mohit Marwah: #Interstellar - what a concept ! Seriously thought provoking ... 12 hours since I saw the film and still playing on my mind

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Milap Zaveri: Do yourself a favour and see #Interstellar in Only IMAX! The visuals in this format take your breath away!

Rajat Kapoor: #interstellar - Fantastic.. Though 2001, a space odyssey and Solaris still retain the top sci fi spot for me- still, interstellar is special

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Tanishaa Mukerji: With #Interstellar #Nolan delivers the unexpected with excitement & layered subtext. Ul b decoding the film long after watching it! Loved it

We also came across some funny tweets. Let's take a look...

Dennis Calero: Interstellar is too smart for dumb people and too dumb for smart people

Michael Clark: I feel like I need to go home and find my old quantum physics books. #interstellar

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Maddy: Guys claiming #interstellar is best Sci-fi of all times have clearly not seen Bollywood films which basically defy nature, physics, et al.

Red 5: So I saw Interstellar. Still at the theater, trying to put my mind back together. Not sure if I want to. Life-changing.

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Keh Ke Peheno: AAP bhakts: Releasing 'Interstellar' is a conspiracy by BJP to confuse voters of Delhi so that they shudn't vote a confused party like AAP.

We also came across some negative reactions on Interstellar..


There are Two Kinds Of People in this world: Those who think #Interstellar was a masterpiece. And those who are not afraid of being judged.

Lenny Abrahamason: 'Interstellar' isn't just bollox, it actually pushes the bollox envelope into regions previously unexplored. My new most hated film.

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