Too much of comic relief

Sadhu Kokila stars in 'Chaddi Dost'.

 Sadhu Kokila stars in 'Chaddi Dost'.

There is an old saying in Kannada -"Jaasti adre amrutanu visha agutte", which means that too much of something is always bad. This holds good for both the movies -'Cool Ganesha' and 'Chaddi Dost', both of which released last Friday.

'Cool Ganesha' starring Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh, in a Telugu film remake, is tolerable while the other release 'Chaddi Dost' starring Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu leaves a lot to be desired.

Usually when a full-fledged comedy film starring hugely popularly comedians is announced, the audience looks forward to the humour in bits and pieces, and naturally expect a laughing riot, and the burden shifts directly on the director. This seems to be the case with 'Chaddi Dost. As proclaimed by the director PC Sekar, the movie has a great plot for

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the making of a great entertaining movie but unfortunately fails at various stages.

'Chaddi Dost' tries to capture friendship with humour, but the overdose of dialogues which are mostly double entendres, spoils the fun, and at times makes one laugh forcibly. Watching Sadhu Kokila, who is known for his unique body language, is also just average. Rangayana Raghu, who is good with his comic timing starts out well but he too fails to keep the good humour going. No doubt, fans will like it, but for others, it is a bit intolerable.

'Cool Ganesha', on the other hand might keep Jaggesh's fans happy but barely! It is definitely not the kind of movie which is responsible for the actor's popularity in the 90s. His fans can watch it for Jaggesh mannerisms as they are always a hit, both on and off the screen.

Film: 'Cool Ganesha' and 'Chaddi Dosth'

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