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'Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.'(Quran 5:32) My choice of A-Level subjects was influenced by my fascination to form connections between science and my religious beliefs. Additionally I have always questioned how such complex, almost surreal systems exist within the human anatomy. Studying Biology and Chemistry has proven to provide many answers for me,and much more. In contrast I have taken an Art subject as it is a therapeutic activity through which I am able me to continue developing my creative talent. The idea of a career that would challenge my mental ability and decision making skills has always implied that Medicine is the right choice for me.

In support of my career choice, I undertook Work Experience at ******* Hospital during my AS-levels. As a Care Assistant, I took part in numerous practical tasks, such as testing sugar levels, performing ECGs and recording relevant patient information. Such small tasks enabled me to strengthen the bonds that I formed with patients, and also outlined essential qualities for a medical student. For example, I had to be patient, understanding and exert my communication skills to the full extent. My social skills and confidence were further amplified as I was put on varying wards, meeting new staff each day. The positive feedback I

received from them prompted me to learn even more about the medical world, and consequently I decided to take up Voluntarty Work at the Hospital.

The teamwork that I practised in the Hospital was a development of skills that I acquired in school. I played an active role as a prefect and participated in raising money and awareness for charity, namely U.N.AIDS. This

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project allowed me to convey a sense of independance and responsibility. The Arts and Activities week I participated in enhanced my leadership skills, and the constant praiseworthy attitude I showed my younger peers also proved beneficial to me, when I had to address an older audience recently as a school representative. I hope such a positive, approachable attitude can help make me a viable team member in the medical profession as creating an open, comfortable, atmosphere for patients and family members is invaluable.
I feel that Medicine is not only about helping people it is about social and political awareness, as well as scientific breakthroughs. Thus my extracurricular interests include broadening my social horizons and understanding different cultures through the Art and Film medium. Alternatively I thoroughly enjoy watching programmes that give me an insight into the progression of modern science. For example the series 'Animal Farm', and the documentary 'Dispatches' prompted me to question the reliability of stories in the current News, related to Medicine. One controversial issue in particular, encouraged me to be involved in one of the most awe-inspiring events, The Anti-War on Iraq Protest in 2003. I very much enjoyed participating in one of the largest political demonstrations in the city's history.

I am aware of the demands of a Medical career but my ability to balance a social and educational lifestyle should enable me to meet the required standards. The way a patient is addressed or cared for, has a lasting impact not only on the patient and their family, but also on the carer. Through the qualities I have developed from an academic and voluntary aspect, along with the opportunity to study Medicine, I think I would be capable of creating
such an impact in people's lives.

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