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Last week I prepared all of my homework folders for the entire year!  I love this system because it is inexpensive, yet it is durable and useful!  My mom, who taught Kindergarten for over 10 years, taught me about the cheap-folders-cute covers-lamination system.  I made it my own by creating my own {editable} cover and a Homework Helper based on what my first grade students will need this year!  Homework Helpers are especially important for the ESL/ELL students and their parents.  Many ESL/ELL parents use the Homework Helper as an aid and reference when helping their child with homework.  Students also have a copy of the Homework Helper in their desks to refer to during independent work throughout the year.Here’s my folder-making process: This year I am using blue folders.  Click here for link.
However, I don’t mind

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using whatever color I have on hand, especially since the cover I made is very colorful!  Just be sure you order the folders without fasteners.  I may or may not have done that this year and spent 30 minutes with a staple remover carefully removing all three staples in all 40 folders.  YIKES!   I brought home my 40+ feet of lamination and mentioned to my husband that he could help me cut all the folders out.  At that point he offered to go clean the garage (HA!).  Anyway, when he returned, I had a few folders left.  Wouldn’t you know after cutting one for me he said, “Hey, in some strange way, this is kinda fun!”  I KNEW IT!  There is a little teacher in him somewhere!

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