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      Mrs. Briggs' 7th Grade  Cours e 2     Information and CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK

Math Classwork & Homework  This is the link to our textbook.  Here they can access the book, worksheets, quizzes, tutor example explanations, and many more tools!   Every student has a login and password.  If they've have lost or forgotten it, please email me and I will send it to you. I will do my best to update this page every day.  I don't like to give all of the classwork assignments for the week at once because I may change the day's homework depending on if we are behind or, if I feel we are really understanding the concept, I may just give the more rigorous word problem s.  GRADING POLICY:Students are graded in four categories in my class:Classwork- 5% 9-Grid Homework/Chapter Rubrics-15%, Quizzes-30%, andTests-50%.CLASSWORK:10% of the class grade:Monday-Thursday are the days we will learn and practice new math concepts. Every minute of class time is used as the students learn through direct teaching, modeling strategies, taking notes, summarizing-written and verbal, movement activities,working with partners and small groups, large group activities, number talk activities, singing math vocabulary and strategy songs, watching video tutorials, using technology in the computer lab, white boards, cards, algebra tiles,watching peers model and explain their thinking process, manipulative activities, entry tasks, independent work, games, timed challenges, reflecting on what they know and don’t yet understand,accessing and celebrating their progress and successes….. and much more, so………GOOD ATTENDANC E IS REALL Y IMPORTANT!As you can see, my classroom is fast-paced and active. I require that every student be an active, positive, open-minded participant, work hard and give their best effort every day.Their daily participation grade will be 10 points. I’m not planning on assigning typical daily homework this year from the text. HOWEVER, if a student refuses to participate or can’t seem to get the classwork completed, I will contact parents and assign the work that the student isn’t getting done in class. If a student is absent, they should look on my webpage so they can see the lesson and the problems that we did together in class the day they were gone. Usually we will complete problems from our textbook, but if I chose to give problems outside our text, I will have a worksheet of the activity that we did.It is a good idea to check my webpage after school on the day of the absence because I try very hard to update this page daily.When the absent student corrects and turns in the classwork that was missed, they will receive the 10 poin ts for the day( s) they were absent.9 Grid HOMEWORK  Packet: 15% of class grade- Every Monday, students will receive a 9-Grid Homework Packet. The 9-Grid is a concept review worksheet that will include one problem from NINE areas of mathematics. The first part of the year, we will review concepts from their 6th grade curriculum, and as the year moves on, we will gradually shift to reviewing concepts from the beginning of the current school year. This worksheet will also include one good thinking multi-step “Problem of the Week” from the mathematics unit we are currently studying. Some weeks there will be an additional worksheet attached to the 9-Grid.  This WS will encompass concept(s) that are being taught for the current week. Every Friday, we will correct  If they come to class on Friday with it unfinished or not even started, they will follow along while we correct and write down what I'm writing down (showing the work) along with the answer.  If they do this, I will give them 25%of what the 9-Grid was worth. PENCIL is required for all math work in my class to receive full credit.  Students must also put their name on their paper and their score for full credit.We do a lot of work in class (CLASSWORK), so I will give you an idea of what we've done in class together. Each day is worth 10pts. for good participation, attitude and effort.    I will give you page numbers and problems we completed from the book as well as inform you of any major activity we did together---small or large group.  If any worksheets were handed out and completed in class, you can get them from me when you return if you were absent.  You are expected to complete all work we did in class when you were gone to receive the 10 points .  Wednesday, August 31:  Today I passed out the Syllabus and my Hello letter.  The kids should have you sign it and bring it back to school by Friday, Sept. 2nd.  We also started the week 1 9 Grid homework packet.  We wont usually work on them in class together, but I want to give the kids an idea of what I expect.  The 9 grid is basically the only homework I give for the week.  They are always due on Friday. 

Thursday, September 1: Today we work on more problems on the 9 grid and also talked about Lesson 1 chapter 1 which is on Rates and Unit Rates.  Period 2 did not meet today because we had a school wide PBIS (rules for our school) stations that the kids rotated through.  Period 2 will finish the 9 grid with me tomorrow.  :) 

We did a Costco Activity by going to 8 different pictures around my classroom and finding out how much each item cost, and then finding the unit price for each thing....example 24 roses cost $15.99, but how much does just 1 rose cost?   We got a good start on this and will have a bit of time to finish it up tomorrow and correct it.  Friday, September 2:  We completed the Week 1 9 grid and then did a couple of sample problems from the Costco activity.  We will finish this activity on Tuesday:  Unit Rate :)  We also got our chapter 1 Rubric and started taking notes on lesson 1 Ratios-Rates and Unit Rates with the Costco example problems.  Monday-no school:  Labor DayTuesday, September 6:  Today we continued with lesson 1 on Rates and Unit Rates and  worked on p. 13 1-6.  We also worked through the Guided Practice problems on p. 12. We did a Costco Activity by going to 6 different pictures around my classroom and finding out how much each item cost, and then finding the unit price for each thing....example 24 roses cost $15.99, but how much does just 1 rose cost?      I also passed out the Week 2 9 grid homework packet.  We will correct it on Friday.  It is important that you read my parent note and then sign the 9 Grid.  Wednesday, September 7:  Today we started of with an Entry task:  1-1 Skills Practice WS. Then we moved to P. 13 # 5,7,8 and some tried #9.  Next we filled out a reflection question on their chapter rubric listing things they don't want to forget about rates and unit rates.  Then we turned to ch. 1 Lesson 2-complex fractions.  We wrote the target in the rubric and then did example problems on page 18 1-2 and then completed the got its a-d on p. 18.   We will continue with this concept tomorrow.Thursday, September 8: Today we started off with an entry task: P. 14 # 12 and 15 and P. 16 # 25.  We copied more example problems for Lesson 2 in our Rubrics.  Next, we also took our first quiz on Lesson 1.  It is worth 4 points.  After the quiz, continued to work as many problems as they could get in on page 21 1-8 until the bell rang.    Friday, September 9:  Today we got our quizzes back and recorded scores in the rubric and self reflected.  We also worked on P. 21 1-8.  If they didn't get this done, I told them to do finish it up as homework for Monday.    Afterwards, we corrected the Week 2 9 grid homework packet and turned it in. Monday, September 12: For an ET, we spent about 7 minutes practicing lesson to with the 1-2 Skills WS.  Next, we did P. 21 #10 in our rubric which was turning a percent into a fraction, then then kids did 11-13 in their book to practice the concept deeper.  Then we had time to move to lesson 4 (We skipped lesson 3 for now).  We wrote the target in our rubric and then example #1 from our book into the rubric. Tuesday, September 13: We started with p. 23 27-29 for an ET, then I gave them an extra problem as a "pretend quiz" to see if they have the process down.  Next we moved to Lesson 4 and wrote example 2-3 in the chapter rubric along with got it b on p. 45.  Next, they completed the 1-4 Skills Practice WS.  We finished up with discussing # 8 together.  There is a quiz tomorrow on lesson 2.  Wednesday, September 14: Today was a late start day so the classes were shorter.  We started the day with a 6 point quiz on Lesson 2. Next we moved to a WS that reviewed 5 problems from lessons 1-2.  They should be done with the first 2 by tomorrow. Thursday, September 15: We finished and discussed yesterday's worksheet.  Next we updated the rubric with lesson 2 quiz scores and reflected on their understanding in the rubric.  Next we started lesson 5 by taking notes in the rubric and doing example 1.  We will continue with lesson 5 on Monday.  the Week 3 9 grid is due tomorrow. Friday, September 16:  Today a substitute was here.  They corrected the Week #3 9 grid and then......they worked on a worksheet that had 4 problems from p. 16 and 2 problems from page 23.  This is a partner/take home quiz.  That means they could work together on it.  It is due on Monday and needs to be completely finished. Monday, September 19: Today we all learned how to get on to the textbook website.  The kids got their username and password and I would like them to explore this site this week and take an on-line quiz at home and forward me their score.  I will give them 1 point EC in the quiz category for every lesson quiz they take per lesson in each chapter.  I modeled how to get online, watch lesson tutors and then take a quiz and forward it.  (I did this as we review lesson 5.)  Afterward we did the 1-5 Skills WS together and then we did p. 50 # 4.    There will be a short quiz on lesson 4-5 tomorrow.  I also passed out the new Week #4 9 grid homework packet.  It is due on Friday to correct.  Tuesday, September 20:  Today we continued with Lesson 5 and did P. 50 #5 for an ET.  Then we watched an online tutor on the connected website---looked at golf carts vs. bikes on a graph discussing proportional relationships and unit rates.  Then we looked at 2 problems on a Quick Review WS.  Next we took a lesson 5 quiz and corrected.  Then we had just enough time to start lesson 6 by writing the target and doing an example problem.  (Period 4 got a bit further today.) Wednesday, September 21: today we started with a group quiz on lesson 4....then discussed the quiz.  (tomorrow we will have a 2 pt. independent quiz on lesson 4).  Next we chatted about why lines on a graph are proportional or nonproportional and then we went further and created an equation for each line (which is advanced for this grade.)  Next we moved to lesson 6  and had 10 min. to work on the 1-6 Skills WS 13-30.  they need to have at least 10 problems done for tomorrow.Thursday, September 22: Today we did a good ET relating patterns to lesson 1,4 and 6.  Next they took an independent 2 point quiz for lesson 4.  Next we wrote example 3 for lesson 6 in our rubric and completed the 1-6 Problem Solving WS.  Be ready for a quiz tomorrow on lesson 6, and then we will also correct the week #4 9 grid. Friday, September 24: Today we corrected the week #4 9 grid and then we took a lesson 6 quiz.  We also completed example 2 on p. 57 and did the got it d.  (This is a more difficult proportion problem.) Monday, September 26:  We started with an ET on p. 59 4-5 and then we discussed the lesson 6 quiz from Friday.  Next we moved to lesson 7 and did example 1 in the rubric and then proceeded to practice #1 on p. 68 and then 1,2,and 4 on p. 69 ending the class period with chatting about the graph on #4 and how it relates to the problem. (Today we just focused on the Charts and tables...not the graphs)  We will continue with this lesson tomorrow.  I passed out the Week 5 9 grids.  We will correct it on Friday. Tuesday, September 27:  Today we started with an ET p. 61 18-21. (These problems were from lesson 6)  Next, we moved back to lesson 7 and did p. 66 got it a-b and finished problem 4 on p. 69.  We also learned about finding the constant rate of change through looking at a graph: p. 67 ex. 2-3 and we did got its c-d.  Finally the class had 10 min. to work on P. 71 10-13.  This should be done for tomorrow.  I will give a quiz on this concept tomorrow after we do a few problems together. Wednesday, September 28: Short periods today because of the late start.  We started with discussing #13 on p. 71, and then did p. 68 1-2.  Next the kids took a 3 pt. quiz on lesson 7.   Then we had about 8 minutes to start lesson 8 and recorded ex. 1 in our rubric. Thursday, September 29: Today we did a couple problems from lesson 2 for an ET.  "Change 4 3/8% and 6 2/5% into a fraction in simplest form."  Most had forgotten how to do this so we discussed the importance of constantly reviewing.  The test is Wednesday, October 5 for chapter 1.  Next we moved to SLOPE which is lesson 8.  We looked closely at pages 74-75 and learned the slope formula when using 2 points and then we discussed the rise/run method when looking at a graph.  We did the got it a on page 75 and then did 1 and 4 on the 1-8 Skills Practice WS and then we did #1 on the 1-8 Problem Solving Practice WS.  Remember the Week 5 9 Grid is due tomorrow.  We will correct it.                                                                                                     Friday, September 30: We corrected the Week #5 9 grid and then continued with our lesson on Slope. Monday, October 3:  We started off with reviewing lesson 8 in the rubric, writing down what we don't want to forget and looking specifically at rubric #3 for things they definitely should know.  Then they took a lesson 8 quiz....5 minutes independent and 2 min. conferring with a partner on the quiz.  We corrected it and discussed the many different ways to find slope.  Next we moved to lesson 9 on direct variation.  We did example -2  and got it a and then P. 84 #1.  We will finish this lesson tomorrow.  The kids got their new Week 6 9 grid.  It is due on Friday.  Remember there is a chapter 1 test on Wednesday.  Tuesday, October 4:  Today we continued with page 84 1-2 (reviewing lesson 9) and then I group the kids up and each group graphed 2 equations:  a direct variation equation and an equation in slope intercept form given the scenario of buying pounds of candy and a candy dish.  (We used the scenario from last week's 9 grid, problem # 8.)  The kids could see the direct variation equation is proportional and other equation was not because one passed through the origin the other didn't. Wednesday, October 5: We had our Chapter 1 Test today.  If kids want to reassess, they should come in after school to earn 1/2 point back for every point missed. Thursday, October 6:  Today got our test back and updated the chapter 1 rubric.  they kids will bring this home for you to look at and sign.  Next we took a ch. 2 pretest and corrected it and then started lesson 1 for chapter 2. Friday, October 7: Today we corrected the Week 6 9 grid and then we worked on lesson 1 for chapter 2 by working on a 2-1 Skills WSMonday, October 10:   Today we did lots of examples of how to turn percents into decimals and fractions.  Next we did example 1 and got it d in our ch. 2 rubric...lesson 1. Then we spent about 8 min. doing the 2-1 Problem Solving Practice WS.  Next we moved to lesson 3 in chapter 2.  (We are skipping lesson 2 for now.)  We took a few notes on lesson 3 in the rubric using colors for the percent, part and whole.  I gave the kids the new Week #7 9 grid homework packet.  It is due Friday the 14th Tuesday, October 11: We worked on lesson 3 wrote examples in our rubric and started the 2-3 Skills and Problem Solving WS.  We are using colors to help us identify the percent, part and whole. Wednesday, October 12: There was a sub today and he had the kids work on finishing 2-3 Skills WS and then moved to the 2-3 Problem Solving WS.  Then he made it through lesson 4 in the Rubric and did got its a-d with them. Thursday, October 13: today we did P 124 2-4 and then took a quiz on p. 125 4-8 (This was all lesson 3 material.)  Next we moved to lesson 4 and continued with what the sub began yesterday.  We wrote examples 2-3 in the rubric and did the got its for practice.  Friday, October 14: Today we corrected the 9 grid and then we continued with lesson 4 and did the Guided Practice on p. 132Monday, October 17:   Today we started off with P. 134 #16 and we also did P. 135 #22 for an Entry task reviewing lesson 4.  Next they took a quiz on P. 134 # 16 but we used the "Pizza" instead  of sandwiches for the quiz...Also P. 135 23-26 was part of the quiz.  # 26 was E.C.     After correcting the quiz, we moved to Lesson 5 on "Percent of Change".  Instead of writing the examples from the book into our rubric, we did some real-life examples from magazine clippings.  (We wrote these into our rubric.)  Then we had about 10 minutes to work on P. 147 1-6.  The kids also got a new Week # 8 9 Grid Homework Packet today. Tuesday, October 18: Today we discussed more real-life examples for lesson 5.  Example:  Tuition/books at EWU in 1991 was $550 per quarter.  Now it is about $3000 per quarter.  So we found the percent of change......445% increase!!!!!!!   We did more magazine sales examples in our rubric and then the kids did a partner activity for about 22 minutes with 15 problems around the classroom the classroom to solve.  We will work on this a touch more tomorrow. Wednesday, October 19: We continued on with lesson 5 doing the 2-5 Homework Practice WS.  Then we started taking notes on lesson 6 which is on sales tax, tips and markups.  We did several book examples in the rubric and the got its. Thursday, October 20:  Today we had a lesson 5 quiz and corrected it and then the kids started p. 155-156 1-10 and # 14.   We corrected and discussed. Then they worked on p. 157-158  21-25.  Quiz tomorrow on lesson 6. Friday, October 21: Today there was a sub.  She corrected the Week 8 9 grid with the students and gave them a 5 pt. lesson 6 Quiz.  Monday, October 24: We corrected the quiz from Friday and then updated the Rubric.  I reminded the kids that there will be a Ch. 2 Test on Friday, so the new Week #9 9 grid will be due on Monday, October 31st.    Next we moved to Lesson 7 and did examples 1-3 and got it a and b.  Then we had about 15 minutes to do 5 problems on the 2-7 Skills Practice WS and All of the problems on the 2-7 Problem Solving WS.    If they didn't get this done, they are to do it at home since the new 9 grid isn't due on Friday. Tuesday, October 25:   E.T.   We  started  writing the beginning, middle and end steps for finding discount; then we completed a few more problems from the  2-7 Skills WS.    Next we continued with lesson 7 and discussed the 2-7 WS.  The students discussed the difference between tax/tip and discounts and how to find each.  Then had a quiz on p. 163 1-6.   Finally we just had a few min. to introduce lesson 8 which is on finding Simple Interest.  Remember there is a chapter 2 test on Friday. Wednesday, October 26:  We had a quick period because of the late start.  We continued with lesson 8 and practiced problems in our rubric and then did some problems on the 2-8 Skills Practice WS.  I also handed out a pre-test for chapter 2 (the same one they took at the beginning of the chapter.)  We did a few lesson 5 problems on it and I encouraged the kids to have it done for tomorrow and have questions for me tomorrow if they have any.  This is a good review.  The test is Friday, but we will start it tomorrow and get a peak at it for about 20 minutes. Thursday, October 27:  Today we reviewed some lesson 3-4 problems and then completed some lesson 8 problems on the Skills WS.  Then the kids had the option of getting a head start on the test.  This will give them a chance to "see"  what they need to study and review for tomorrow.  Hopefully this will relieve stress and give them more time to take the test.  :)   (I also gave them a review packet/study guide for tonight if they want to make sure they are ready.) Friday, October 28: We finished our ch. 2 test today.  I will have them corrected by Monday.Monday, October 31:   Short periods all week because of conference week.  Today we took a STAR benchmark test.   We will correct week 9 nine grid tomorrow. Tuesday, November 1:  We corrected the Week #9 nine grid today and then recorded the chapter 2 test scores on the ch. 2 rubric.  The signed rubric is due by Friday. Wednesday, November 2:  We took a quick ch. 3 pre-test and corrected it and then started chapter 3 lesson 1 on integers and absolute value (super quick). Thursday, November 3:  We took more lesson 1 notes in our new Ch. 3 rubrics and really focused on what integers are. Friday, November 4:  We continued lesson 1 and did more examples and then did the guided practice on p. 194 and then the independent practice on P. 195-196.  They also got the new 9 grid because it will be due early next week due to Veteran's day on Friday.  (For p. 2, we will correct on Wednesday(since we have the Veteran's Assembly at 9:00 on Thursday, but for periods 1 and 4 it will be due on Thursday.)   Monday, November 7:  Today we started with a quiz on lesson 1---Integers and absolute value.  Next we moved to lesson 2 on Addition of Integers.  We worked with red and yellow counters and number lines so really "see" what is happening when we add.  Tuesday, November 8:  Today we had a good time working in groups writing "3 line short stories" that describe Integer Addition problems.  It was fun and meaningful.  Then the kids had about 20 minutes to work on a 6 page Addition integer packet.  This packet should be done by Thursday. Wednesday, November 9:  Today we took a quiz on Addition of Integers (ch. 3 lesson 2) after reviewing addition a bit.  Then we moved to lesson 3 (subtraction on integers.)  Period 2 corrected the week #10 9 grid today because our class is not meeting tomorrow due to the assembly. Thursday, November 10:  Today we corrected the week #10 9 grid in periods 1 and 4.  Period 2 did not meet because of the Assembly.  (We corrected the 9 grid yesterday.) Friday, November 11:  Veteran's Day- No School Monday, November 14:  Today we continued with lesson 3 Subtraction.  The kids has a tiny into into it last week.  We learned the 4 main types of subtraction problems when working with integers.  "just add it",  "Think Opposite", and "Punishment".  Then we had about 15 minutes to start the 5-page subtraction integer packet.  We will continue this packet tomorrow.  It is an easy packet. The first 3 pages are just simple practice problems to really get "integer subtraction" into their head.  They also got the new Week 11 9 grid , and it is due on Friday. Tuesday, November 15: Today we spent a lot of time practicing the 3 types of integer subtraction problems.  (We did this with the white boards.)    Then the kids had more time to work on the subtraction packet (the last page doesn't have to be done---but the rest should be done.)  Their homework tonight is to spend 10 minutes completing the Mixed #1 WS in the packet I handed out today.  There will be a quiz tomorrow on subtraction of integers in the middle of the period after we work even more on subtraction during the first half of the class. Wednesday, November 16:  Today we practiced subtraction even more for about 25 min. and then we had a subtraction quiz (lesson 3).    We ended the period getting a preview of multiplication (which will help the sub tomorrow.) Thursday, November 17:  Today a sub was here and he did example problems from lesson 4 and all the got it problems with them (Multiplication of integers).  The kids then worked the rest of the period on the Lesson 4 Skills WS, HW worksheet and the PSWS.  This was all in a packet I gave them yesterday before they left. Friday, November 18: We corrected the week 11 9 grid and then we worked on lesson 4 (multiplication a bit more and then took a 4 pt. quiz on it.)  Next we quickly got a tiny lesson on how multiplication and division are alike.    there will be a ch. 3 test on Tuesday Next week!!!! Monday, November 21:  Today we learned Lesson 5 which was division of integers.  this is not a tough concept because the same exact rules apply for multiplication.  We practiced several problems and even took a practice quiz together, where all the kids will receive a 4/4.  We had time to start a Practice Test that looks very similar to tomorrow's ch. 3 test.  75% of tomorrow's test points will be problems that are set up exactly like this Practice Test, so I encouraged the kids to continue with it at home along with the division packet I gave them.  (They have the answers to every problem, so they can see what they are understanding and aren't.)    Be Ready for the test tomorrow.  It is an important one!  :) Tuesday, November 22: Chapter 3 Integer Test Wednesday, November 23:  Get Test back and update ch. 3 rubric.  The rubric should be brought home for you to see along with their ch. 3 test score.  It is due on Monday after the break.  We also took another Integer Subtraction 90 second timed test today. Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving holiday Friday, November 25: Thanksgiving Holiday Monday, November 28:  Today we started chapter 4 Lesson 1.  We did all of the examples in the lesson and all of the got its (p. 263-265)  We didn't do the very last example though on p. 266----we will start with that tomorrow.  Next we a time to practice this concept a bit with the 4-1 Skills WS.  They should have 1-15 done by the beginning of class tomorrow.  We will have a quiz on this lesson on Wednesday. Tuesday, November 29:  Today we started with finishing up the 4-1 Skills WS 16-21, then we moved to p. 266 #7 example and the got its and guided practice on that page.  Kids also completed p. 267 1-15.  Then we briefly peeked at greater than and lesson than comparing fractions and decimals (which will be tomorrow's lesson.)   Next they had 15 minutes to complete problems from specific categories.  If they didn't finish this, it should be completed at home.  Category 1:  Room Temperature Problems p. 269 23-33, p. 268 #22, p. 270 #38-44, p. 267 # 17  Category 2:  Warm Problems:  p. 269 entire page, p. 268 # 18 and #22, P. 270 #35-27 and # 44, P. 267 # 15 and #17  Category 3:  HOT problems:  p. 267 # 15-17, P. 269 # 34, P. 270 #35-37 and # 44 P. 268 #18-21 and # 22.  I also passed out the Week #12 9 grid that is due on Friday for correcting. Wednesday, November 30:  Today we started with everyone completing or helping with P. 268 #18 and p. 269 #34.  Then we had a quiz on lesson1. Next, we moved

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to lesson 2 and looked at several problems on the 4-2 Homework Practice WS.  This is on comparing, and ordering fractions and decimals.  The kids had time to work on this WS but if it isn't finished, they need to do it for homework.  Thursday, December 1: Today we continued with lesson 2 and wrote example problems in the new ch. 4 rubric.  We completed the got its too and then the kids completed p. 275 and p. 274  1-4.    Then they worked on the 4-2 Skills Practice WS.  This is homework if they didn't get it done, along with the other problems on p. 274-275 and # 14 on p. 276.  There will be a lesson 2 quiz tomorrow before we correct the  Week #12 9 Grid. Friday, December 2:  We reviewed lesson 2 concepts a bit, then took a Lesson 2 quiz, corrected it and then corrected the Week 12 9 grid.    Monday, December 5:  Today we updated the ch. 4 rubric with lesson 2 quiz.  Next we moved seats and then I passed out the Week 13a 9 grid homework packet.  It looks different this week.  It should be easier because this week I just wanted to work on ch. 4 fraction concepts since this is a quick chapter.  (We will have a test on this chapter on December 19th which is a Monday.  Next, we started lesson 3 on adding and subtracting like fractions.  We did all the examples and the got its in the lesson in our rubric and then the kids had 20 minutes to work on P. 286 1-7 and P. 287-8 1-10.  Then they could start their 9 grid if they had time.  P. 2 and 4 also did an 90 second integer subtraction timing.  Tuesday, December 6:  Period 1 started with a 90 second Integer Subtraction timing.  Next we did p. 288 #13 and p. 290 25-26.  Then they completed a lesson 3 quiz and worked on their 9 grid if they got done quickly.  Lastly we started lesson 4 which is on adding and subtracting unlike fractions.  We wrote examples 1-3 in the rubric and the got its too. Wednesday, December 7:  Shorter periods today because of the late start.  We did an ET p. 294 #7.  The kids had just about 20 minutes to work on the 4-4 Homework Practice WS and then the 4-4 PSWS in their 9 grid that covers lesson 4 as well.   Thursday, December 8:  Today we reviewed lesson 4 just a touch.  Then I taught lesson 5 which is on adding and subtracting Mixed Numbers and fractions.  (Subtracting can be a bit tougher!)  We did examples 3 and #8 from the 4-5 Skills WS in the Rubric.  Then I passed out the lesson 4 quiz and when they were done with the quiz, they had about 15 minutes to continue with lesson 5 on with the 4-5 Skills WS.  (There is a page in the 9 grid this week 4-5 PSWS that they had time to work on as well.)  The 9 grid is due tomorrow.) Friday, December 9:  Today the kids had about 12 min. to work as a group on P. 297 24-27.  These were good problems and I saw some really good communication and kids helping others really understand!  Next we corrected the 9 grid for Week 13a and then we took a 90 second Subtraction Integer Timing!  Whew!!!! We did a lot.   The kids should be ready for a lesson 5 Quiz on Monday.   Be planning for a Test on Monday, December 19 on chapter 4.  Kids should be reviewing concepts from the beginning of the chapter!!!!!!! Monday, December 12: We started with an ET reviewing "renaming a mixed number"  when subtracting. I gave them the lesson 5 quiz to take home and complete.  It is due tomorrow.  Next we moved to Lesson 6 which is on Multiplying Mixed Numbers and Fractions.  They had 20 min. to work on P. 315 all.  They also got their new Week 13b 9 grid which is due on Friday, December 16th. 
Tuesday, December 13: Today we started with a reminder of how to look at my website to see what we did in class when kids are not in school.  Next we did P. 315 # 14 a-b and then #17.  We drew what a situation like #17 would look like through a rectangular array----so the kids can see thing problem through a model.  Next we corrected the take home quiz from yesterday, and updated the rubric.  Next, the kids had 20 minutes to work on P. 317-318 24-32 (skipping #28).  This should be all complete for tomorrow.  We will have a quiz on Lesson 6 tomorrow. Wednesday, December 14: We started the class with an ET p. 315 #28.  Then I answered questions over yesterday's homework.  Then we moved to Lesson 8 which is on Division of Mixed numbers and fractions.  We wrote the first 3 examples from the book into our rubric and then the kids took the Lesson 6 Quiz.  After the quiz, then were supposed to go back into their book and do the got its a-f that correlated with each example problem.  Good day today!!!!! Thursday, December 15:  Today we started with the 5th 90 Second Subtraction Integer timing.  they are improving!!! The are charting their progress and growth.  Next we moved to lesson 8 which is Division.  We did 4 problems together on the 4-8 Skills Practice WS and then they chose 4-6 problems to do on their own on that same WS, then they moved to the 4-8 Problem Solving WS on division.  they should have 4 of these problems done for tomorrow.  We will have a quiz on Division tomorrow after we correct the Week 13b 9 Grid.   ***Some kids who really felt they had the division concept down, worked in groups and completed the Lesson 7 Lesson on converting to the metric system and visa versa.  These kids were excited to challenge themselves to go beyond the division lesson, and they did do a great job.  They are still responsible to complete the division problems on our ch. 4 test on Monday, but they will receive EC for the lesson 7 problems they get correct on the ch. 4 test.  They will also have to complete the lesson 8 quiz tomorrow on division.GOOD WORK! Friday, December 16: Correct 9 Grid # 13b and take the lesson 8 division quiz  Monday, December 19:  Chapter 4 TEST Tuesday, December 20: Last Day:  SNOW DAY........Make up day will be March 4th Wednesday, December 21:  Break Thursday, December 22:Break Friday, December 23:Break  Monday, January 2: Break Tuesday, January 3: Break Wednesday, January 4: Back to school...Late Start due to Snow...shorter class periods today.  The kids got to see their chapter 4 test that they took before the break.  Many kids should come in and try to improve their score by relearning.  There will not be a 9 grid this week since it is such a short week.  We moved seats and then I passed out their new Math book:  Volume 2 which contains chapters 5-10.  Please don't toss or recycle the volume 1 book as we may use it as a resource the rest of the year.  This book though should be kept at home.  We got our new chapter 5 rubric and the kids started taking notes on examples 1-3 and we did got its a-c.  We will continue tomorrow with this lesson. Thursday, January5:  Today we started with an Entry Task p. 352 1-3 and really talked about rules with exponents and then I really reinforced the vocab for the expression, 3x + 2, and the vocab terms of constant and coefficient, and variable.  Next we completed p. 353 problems 1-11.  (They had about 9 minutes to work through these.  (The must REWRITE each problem with the given substitutions and show each step!  Showing these steps is crucial to their success!!!!!)  Then we did examples 5-6 in the rubric and then got it h, and then p. 352 # 4 and then P. 353 # 11.  Theses problems challenged the kids to write and solve their own expressions from a real-life problem.  We will practice all types of problems more tomorrow, but their will be a quiz on this lesson (lesson 1) tomorrow as well. Friday, January 6: Today we continued with ch. 5 lesson 1.  They had time for p. 355 all and then went back and did p. 353 11-12.  We also did an example Celsius ---Fahrenheit problem on the board.  Then they took the lesson 1 quiz and we corrected it.   Monday, January 9:  Today was a late start due to snow, so shorter periods today.  First off I handed out the new Week #14 9 grid and they had time to do the Problem of the Week and we did # 2 together.  We also chatted about the formula for a trapezoid and looked at how to go about solving # 3 together.(Tomorrow we will complete # 1 together). .  The 9 grid is due on Friday, Jan. 13th.    Next, we moved to lesson 4 chapter 5.  I'm skipping lessons 2-3 for now.  We will hit them 2nd semester.  We wrote down samples of the Distributive Property and then Ex. 1 and got its a-b.  We will continue with this lesson tomorrow and then again on Wednesday. (It can be a tough one!)  Tuesday, January10:  Today we did more examples from the book and wrote them in our rubric for lesson 4 (examples 2-7).  Next we did the rest of the got its in the book and then the Guide Practice on p. 378 and then the kids had about 15 minutes to complete p. 379 all.  Wednesday, January 11: Today I was at a conference, so Mr. Jensen subbed.  He is wonderful and really knows his math!!!!  He gave the kids the 5-4 Skills and Homework Practice worksheets and also the 5-4 Problem solving WS. (This is the same concept that we've been working on for the last 2 days.)  If they finished early, they worked on the 9 grid. Thursday, January 12:  Today we reviewed for a few minutes, looking at some of the word problems from yesterday and then they took a quiz on lesson 4 and then I had about 12 minutes to intro them into lesson 5, which is on combining like terms to simplify an expression. Friday, January  13: We  corrected the Week #14 9 Grid and then we continued with lesson 5 -5.  They got out the rubric and wrote the target and we did a few examples, then they continued with the 5-4  Skills WS and the 5-4 Problem Solving WS.  Monday, January 16: No School Martin Luther King Holiday Tuesday, January 17:  Today we did a few more problems from the lesson 5 Skills Packet together as an Entry Task, and then we wrote 1 perimeter example problems in our rubric for lesson 5.  Then the kids had the rest of the period to finish the entire packet (except for the to top of the Homework Practice page).  Everything else 5-5 Skills, Problem Solving and Homework Practice should be done for tomorrow.  The kids also got their Week 15 9 grid.  We will correct it Friday.  It is the last one for first semester.  :) Wednesday, January 18: school cancelled----freezing rain Thursday, January 19: Today we took a quiz on lesson 5 and then moved into lesson 6.  They had time to work on 5-6 Skills WS all, and then P. 298 #2 and P. 299 #5 and 6.  The  Week 15 9 grid wont be due until Wednesday, January 25 due to missed days and finals schedules. Friday, January20:  The  Week 15 9 grid wont be due until Wednesday, January 25 due to missed days and finals schedules.   We continued with lesson 6 and even had a quiz on it.  Then we moved into lesson 8 and wrote examples in our rubric.
 Monday, January 23: Today we just review the chapter 5 material.  Each Lesson 1,4,5,6, and 8.  the kids even got to look through their chapter 5 test that they will be taking (either tomorrow: Period 1 or Thursday: P. 2 and 4.)  Some kids started the test, but I wanted them to get a chance to look through so they knew what type of rigor to study for. Tuesday, January 24:Finals Block Schedule:  Chapter 5 Test: lessons 1, 4,5,6,8 and STAR benchmark testing.  Wednesday, January 25:  Today we corrected the Week #15 9 grid.  (we didn't correct this last Friday because we were behind due to the snow day. Thursday, January 26: Last day of Semester 1:  Chapter 5 Test: lessons 1, 4,5,6,8 and STAR benchmark testing. Friday, January27: Teacher work Day:  no school for students---I will post my semester 1 grades today  Monday, January 30: 2nd  Semester starts----some kids will switch periods when they have math.  Today the kids got back their ch. 5 test that they took last week and then we took a practice SBAC Ratios and Proportions Interim Test on the computer.  This took about 25 min for most kids. I will use these results and problems they missed as a whole and integrate the confusing problems and concepts into my teaching and the 9 grids as we move into the next few weeks.  the kids also got the new Week #16 9 grid.  We will do some of it in class.  The entire 9 grid is on ch. 5 lesson 2:  Patterns in math.  We will have most of it done together by Friday, but plan on having the kids correct all of it on Friday, Feb. 3rd.  We will finish up chapter 5 this week and next week as well.  (lesson 7-8). Tuesday, January 31: Today we worked on the 9 grid together.  We focused on how to "see" patterns and then moved further with how to write an algebraic expression for the "nth" term for the pattern.  this is really advanced stuff, but they we doing great!  Then we worked on more of ch. 5 lesson 8 with factoring expressions and representing these factored expressions as rectangles with models: (paper counters and drawings.)  We showed what the factored expressions really "look" like.  There will be a short (small) test on this lesson 8 concept on Friday. Wednesday, February 1:  We did the exact same thing as yesterday....more 9 grid together and more of lesson 8 work.  Remember test of lesson 8 on Friday. Thursday, February 2: no class today for Period 1.  (We spent this time reviewing school rules to kick 2nd semester off with a good start.)  With my 2 other classes, we spent a bit more time on the 9 grid and then we just went ahead and took a "practice lesson 8 test".  If they did good, they don't have to take tomorrow's test, but if they missed a lot, hopefully they learned from it and will do better on tomorrow's test.  We also had time to start making note cards on formulas that they learned so far this year regarding 2D and 3D shapes. Friday, February 3:  Lesson 8 test and then we corrected the rest of the 9 grid that we didn't correct earlier.   We wrote geometry formulas on more notecards too.Monday, February 6:   Today we worked through 1 problems from the Ratios and Proportions SBAC practice test that they took last week.   This was valuable time in getting them ready for the big test in May.  They should spend 10 minutes tonight working on # 6 and be ready to discuss it tomorrow.  Then we did several examples in our rubric for ch. 5 Lesson 7.  This is the very last lesson we will do for chapter 5.  (We will have a mini lesson 7 test on Thursday.)  The kids had a few minutes to work on the 5-7 Skills WS.  # 3,5,7,9,and 11 should be done by tomorrow.  I also passed out the new Week #17 9 grid.  It is due on Friday.  Tuesday, February 7: Today we spent about 25 minutes working through a problems on the Ratios and Proportions SBAC practice test.  This was a tough problem that only 4 kids got correct, so it was definitely worth the time.  Next we worked on the Lesson 7 Skills WS.  (I even took P. 1-2 through a different method of solving these linear equation subtraction problems.)  They should have at least 15 problems done up top and #21 done for tomorrow.  Quiz tomorrow on this lesson. Wednesday, February 8:  Today we looked at 2 more problems from the Ratios and Proportions SBAC practice test that they took last week.  Then we solved problems together from the 5-7 Problem Solving WS.  Next they took an 8 point quiz on lesson 7 and then worked on their 9 grid when they were done. Thursday, February 9: Late Start......snow and ICE!   We didn't have the mini test today.  it will be tomorrow. We went over a few questions from yesterday's quiz and then did 1more problem from the Ratios and Proportions SBAC practice test that they took last week.  Next we did P. 407 5-8.Friday, February 10: Week #17 9 grid due.  mini-test on lesson 7    Monday, February 13:  The kids got the new Week 18 9 grid.  It is due on Friday, Feb. 17th.  We also started ch. 6 lesson 1 on Solving addition and subtraction Equations.  We did examples 1,2,and 4 in their book along with got its a-f.  Then they worked problems 1-6 on page 441.  We will continue with this lesson tomorrow.Tuesday, February 14: Today the kids had 12 min. to work on the 6-1 Skills WS.  It looks like they really understand the concept.  Next we did example 3 and got it d in the rubric; this was all about representing a word problem using bar diagrams and then setting up the algebraic equation and solving for the unknown.  Then they did problem # 1 for our 9 grid problem of the week.  (This was the same concept.)  Then they did p. 441 #7; they should try # 8 at home.  there will be a quick quiz tomorrow on lesson 1 (just solving the algebraic equation.  Thursday....there will be a quiz for lesson 1 Bar Diagrams. Wednesday, February 15: We did ch. 1, lesson 1example 5 in the rubric with got it h, and then we did p. 443 22 and 23 with bar diagrams on their own.  We also did p. 442 10-11 at the top (finding the missing angle in a triangle and quadrilateral.Then they took a lesson 1 quiz only on practice problems.  Tomorrow they will take another quiz on lesson 1 but the focus will be bar diagrams.  Thursday, February 16:  Today we took the lesson 1 bar diagram quiz and then moved right into lesson 2 on solving multiplication and division equations. We wrote examples 1,2, and 4 in the rubric and the got its a-g.  Then they started on the 6-2 Skills WS.  They did the problems only on the left side.  We did the Problems of the Week # 2 on the 9 grid too with each other. Friday, February 17: Short periods today because of the Valentine Activities.  We corrected the Week 18 9 grid. Monday, February 20:  no school:  President's DayTuesday, February 21:  I passed out the new 9 grid.  I will help them with several problems this week.  (Problem of the Week, # 1, 3, 7 and 8.)  So we wont score these.  This Week 19 9 grid is due on Friday, Feb. 24th.   We also finished the Lesson 2...6-2 Skills WS and did some of the 6-2 Problem solving WS.  We also looked at Examples 3 and 5 in our book which are word problems and setting up the algebraic equations. We did got it d, and then did # 8 on page 450, P. 451 #11-12and then # 25 on page 453.  All of these reinforced the distance, rate, time word problems. I will give a take-home quiz on the lesson 2 concept tomorrow. Wednesday, February 22: Short period today due to the late start. We did a few more problems that I made up for Distance, Rate and Time.  Then we practiced more problems from the book...p. 451# 10 and  P. 453 #24 and #26.  Next, we only had about 6 minutes to begin lesson 3, but it is very similar to lesson 2.  We now are using decimals and fractions while solving and setting up multiplication and division equations.  We did about 5 problems together in the 6-3 Skills Practice WS. Finally I gave them a take home quiz on lesson 2.  It needs to be done tomorrow right when they walk in the door.  they can use their book or rubric for guidance, but they should not work together. Thursday, February 23:  Today we started off by adding # 2-3 on p. 525 to our take home quiz.  Then we corrected the take home quiz on lesson 2. Next we completed examples from lesson 3 in the rubric and paid particular attention to the word problems: Example 2 and got it d, example 3 and 5, and then p. 460-463 4,5,8, 9, 14, and 21.  Friday, February 24: Correct the Week 19 9 grid homework packet. We did 6 problems as a "pretend quiz"  on lesson 3.  We will take an official quiz Monday on lesson 3. Monday, February 27:  We took a quiz on lesson 3 and moved right into ch. 6 lesson 4 on solving 2 step equations.  We wrote example 1-4 in the rubric and then did got its a-f in the rubric. I assigned P. 473 1-6. They has enough time to get 1-2 problems done.  I also hand out the Week 20 9 grid and it is due Friday, March 3rd.   (There will be a quiz on lesson 4 on Wednesday).  We will have a chapter 6 test on lesson 1-5 next Monday on March 6th.Tuesday, February 28: Today our periods were shorter because of the Screenagers video that we all saw up the HS.  They did p. 472 1-3 as an ET and then we went over p. 473 1-6.  Next, they had about 6 min. to practice more 2 step problems with the 6-4 Skills WS and then we did example 5 in the rubric which was on setting up 2 step word problems. Next we did # 7 on p. 273 together and then they worked more on Writing and solving 2 step problems with the 6-4 Problem Solving WS.  They should have this WS done for tomorrow.  We will have a quiz on this lesson 4 concept tomorrow. Wednesday, March 1:  ET P. 475 #19-22, then we chatted about the 6-4 PSWS and answered questions. Next, they took the lesson 4 quiz (and we corrected it), and then we moved to lesson 5 and wrote the first 2 examples in the rubric.  Thursday, March 2:  We continued with ch. 6 lesson 5.  We wrote the rest of the examples for the lesson in the rubric and then practiced the concept.  (We even did the 9 grid Problems of the week and # 8 since these problems are a lesson 5 concept.)  We will take a 3 point mini quiz on this concept tomorrow.Friday, March 3:  Correct 9 grid Week #20 and we had about 12 minutes to get a start on the chapter 6 test that we will be taking on Monday. Monday, March 6:  Chapter 6 lessons 1-5 Test:  They also got the new Week 21 9 grid that is due on Friday.Tuesday, March 7:  We got the test back and answered a few questions and then moved right into lesson 6 for ch. 6.  Lessons 6-8 are on Inequalities.  We did examples 1-2 and a few problems got its c and d.  We will continue with this tomorrow.Wednesday, March 8:  Today we continued with ch. 6 lesson 6 and did more examples in the rubric and then moved to the 6-6 Skills WS 9-18 and then 1-2 on the 6-6 PSWS.  We really talked about Inequality words and phrases. Thursday, March 9:  We did more problems from the lesson 6 worksheets, and then we had a 7 point partner quiz on lesson 6.  (The kids could have chosen to work independently as well.)  Next we moved to lesson 7 and just did the 1-6 from the 6-7 Skills worksheet in our rubric.  Friday, March 10:  We corrected the week 21 9 grid.  Before that though, we continued with problems from 6-7 Skills WS and the 6-7 Problem Solving WS (which is challenging them to write and interpret their own inequality from a word problem.)  The kids know I will be gone on Monday, and their will be a lesson 6-8 test on Wednesday. Monday, March 13: Today Mr. Jensen was subbing for me.  He moved to our final lesson of the chapter :  lesson 8.  This lesson is 2-step inequalities.  He did examples from the lesson with the kids in the rubric and then had them work on 6-8 Skills Practice WS and the 6-8 Problems Solving WS.  He told them they should try to have 1/2 of each WS done for tomorrow.  He also handed out the new Week #22 9 grid Homework Packet. It is due on Friday.  Also I will be back tomorrow; we will work more on lesson 8 and have a quiz on lessons 7-8.Tuesday, March 14:  Today we did #2-3 on the Problem of the Week (9 grid).  These problems are lesson 7-8 problems.  We also did some of the 6-8 Problems Solving Word problems together, making sure the kids understand how to interpret their solutions.  Then we had an 11pt. quiz on lessons 7-8.  We will have a 10 point test tomorrow on lessons 6-8. Wednesday, March 15:  Today we updated the lesson 7-8 rubric with their quiz scores and wrote a few sentences about what we don't want to forget.  Then they took the Ch. 6 Lessons 6-8 Test. Thursday, March 16:  We updated the rubric with our test grade and talked about commonly missed test questions.  Next, we spent the rest of the period taking notes on the vocabulary for lesson 1 chapter 7.  Lots of vocab on types of angles and a review on vertical angles and how to find missing angles. Friday, March 17:  We completed 1-2 on page 538 discussing how to name an angle and vertical angles.  Then we spent 10 in the 7-1 Skills WS.  This should be completed by Monday.  Next we corrected the Week 22 9 grid. Monday, March 20:  Quick quiz for lesson 1 and them we moved to lesson 2 on complimentary and supplementary anglesTuesday, March 21: sub was here.  they worked on LOTS of problems from lesson 2 out of the book Wednesday, March 22:  We had a quiz on lessons 1-2:  short period due to late start.  They also worked on finding the missing measure of triangles with 7-3 Skills WS 1-9 Thursday, March 23:   Today we took notes on lesson 3 for Triangles and had a little time to work on the 7-3 Skills and PSWS Friday, March 24: We corrected the 9 grid week 23 today.  We also did some problems from p. 559 1-8 looking closer at triangles Monday, March 27: Conference Week Short Periods This Week.  No 9 grid this week.  We spent the entire period reviewing how to finding missing angles in a figure.  The figure involved supplementary, vertical and an angle within a triangle Cumulative concepts : lessons 1-3.  I will give a quiz tomorrow on exactly what we covered today with a figure that looks very close to what they saw today except the angle measures will be different.  On Wednesday they will take a quiz on lesson 3 which will focus on finding the missing angle in a triangle and classifying triangles by its sides and angles.  Tuesday, March 28:  Today we took the cummlative quiz on lesson 1-3, and then we moved to lesson 4 which in on Scale Drawings and Models.  We will continue with this tomorrow and have a lesson 3 quiz on triangles tomorrow.  We will also have a TEST on Thursday on Lessons 1-3.  I think it is a good idea to do this before the Spring Break!  Thursday, March 30:   Chapter 7 Test on just lessons 1-3. Friday, March 31:   Have a nice Spring Break! Star Testing today Monday, April10:  Today we continued with ch. 7 lesson 4 on Scale and scale factor.  We reviewed what we briefly touched on before the break and then did p. 579 3-4 and p. 581 14-16, p. 579 3-4 and p. 578 1-2.  we will continue with this lesson tomorrow and look closely at floor plans.  Tuesday, April 11: So today we continued with lesson 4 and did the 7-4 Problem Solving WS and the 7-4 Skills Practice WS 7-11.  They also saw their test from lessons 1-3 and updated their ch. 7 rubric with it.  We will have a small test on lesson 7 on Thursday. Wednesday, April 12: short periods today.  We practiced lots of floor plan problems.  P. 578 got it d, and #3, P. 579 #5, P. 580 #9, P. 581 #17, and p. 582 #19.  Tomorrow we have a 13 point test on scale models, scale drawings and scale factor. Thursday, April 13:  We took the lesson 4 test today.  I also gave them 2 SBAC questions to complete when they were done with the test.  The two questions are due tomorrow along with their 9 grid. Friday, April 14: We corrected the 9 grid Week 24 and the 2 SBAC problems Monday, April 24:Monday, May 1: Monday, : 

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