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You will be given a Document Based Question essay and a standard Long Essay.  The DBQ makes up 25% of your grade, and the Long Essay is worth 15%.  

The Long Essay is what you might consider a standard essay. You will be given a question, and you must argue and consider how history changed, or remained the same over time. Or, perhaps it's an essay targeting the skill of comparison, causation, or periodization. Nonetheless, this essay will need a thesis and historical evidence to support that thesis. Your goal is to persuade the reader that your thesis is sound and well supported by historical facts. Introduction and conclusion paragraphs are required.  

Your Score on the LONG ESSAY breaks down as follows:

Point 1.

Similar to the DBQ, you must have an ORIGINAL thesis. If you copy the statement they give you ... SORRY!

NOTE: They may ask you to "Support, Modify, or Refute" a question. If this happens, on say, a "turning point" question:

Support Thesis: The New Deal was a turning point because, ....

Modify Thesis: Although the New Deal was a turning point because ... it also can not be considered such as ...

Refute Thesis: The New

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Deal was not a turning point because ...

NOTE: Modifying the thesis would give you an opportunity to write more and show you can see both sides of the argument!

Point 2-3  

How well do you hit the target skill?:

IF they ask you for CONTINUITY and CHANGE ... hit them both with specific examples for 2 points ... Continuity and Change is important ... so make sure you understand the concept. For example:

Democracy: Although the United States CHANGED from being merely colonies when they created their own representative democracy after the American Revolution, there was a CONTINUATION of freedom of speech (Zenger Trial), freedom of religion (Rhode Island), and bicameral legislature (House of Burgesses) experienced during the colonial period.

Segregation: Although the decision ofBrown v. Board of EducationCHANGED the legalities of �separate but equal� in schools, segregation CONTINUED in several forms, and politicians CONTINUED to campaign on pro-segregationist ideas.

Rachel Carson: Although Rachel Carson�s book can be considered a CHANGE in the modern environmental movement in that it led to the banning of certain chemical agents, it can also be seen as a CONTINUATION of an earlier movement for conservation. In addition, her writings can be seen as a CONTINUATION of muckrakers during the Progressive Era. 

Examples of Continuity and Change to consider!

IF they ask COMPARE AND CONTRAST ... describe and explain them both with specific examples for 2 points.

IF they ask CAUSATION ... describe and explain both causes and effects for 2 points.

IF they ask PERIODIZATION ... explain similarities and differences in both time periods for 2 points.

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