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We are continuously looking for talented CAE engineers to help us serve our world class clients. Are you attending a Masters degree class with focus in CFD or FEM? We need highly motivated students to help us fulfill our mission and our client’s ambitions. While technical skill remains a pre-requisite, our thesis workers should also have good presentation and communication skills, some sense for business and be good team players. If you don´t find what you are looking for among our open graduate thesis proposals please don´t hesitate to contact a group manager close to your field of expertise or geographical location. You find our contact details here >>


The thesis project consists of modeling and simulations investigating the properties of a sports article that is reinforced using a special technique called X‐TECH. Specifically, the aim will be to determine how the technology effects the characteristics of the application and how this can be modeled in an effective way. Also, characterization of

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the sports article performance based on different load cases need to be addressed. The master thesis project is intended for 2 people and is a collaboration between FS Dynamics and Inxide.



The aim is to study the underlying physics of racket design through FEM simulations. The work of the thesis is to investigate racket parameters such as stiffness, coefficient of restitution and size of sweet spot and how they relate to different racket responses.



The idea of the present Master Thesis proposal is to set up appropriate transient CFD simulations to map up dynamic coefficients needed for 1D swing check valve modelling. The aim of the project is to construct the required coefficients with CFD simulations, simulate several load cases involving a swing check valve both with 1D modelling and 3D CFD analysis and compare the results.

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