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Corporate Law Case Study

Contract law is one of the major branches of legal studies. Students pursuing legal studies need to know the various aspects associated with contract law in which they need to prepare an assignment case study. Before you embark on this mission to prepare your contract law case study, learn the most important concepts of contract law here. What is Contract Law? A contract refers to the voluntary agreement between two or more parties and contract law refers to the whole body of laws governing it. Every written and even oral agreement involves an exchange of goods, services, money and properties.

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The Five Most Shocking Things About the ChoicePoint Data Security Breach

At first, the ChoicePoint security breach seemed not only ordinary but almost insignificant. That same month, February, saw stories that had bigger numbers (Bank of America, 1. 2 million names and Social Security numbers) and more sex appeal (T-Mobile, Paris Hilton) than the predictable details of the ChoicePoint case. Thousands of victims, compromised Social Security numbers, an arrest on charges of identity theft. Yada yada yada. But somewhere along the way, the ChoicePoint saga became the spark that caused an explosion. Maybe it was the fact that this wasn't a hack.

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IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge

No notes for slide Main cause: General procurement principle, which led to its suppliers buying from sub-suppliers, who collected materials from glue manufacturers.  IKEA never managed sub-suppliers. They concentrated on hiring suppliers but didn’t have control over their sub-suppliers (like the glue manufacturers)They were worried more about finding the right management at their suppliers than finding high-tech facilities. Thus, low-tech equipment & lack of know-how could have been a causeRelied on technology and knowledge transferIn constant quest to lower prices, they bought unused production capacity – which means, a lot of their suppliers working off-season might not have been in the furniture business and therefore lacked the know-howThey were too trusting.

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Case Studies-Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Case studies are stories. They present realistic, complex, and contextually rich situations and often involve a dilemma, conflict, or problem that one or more of the characters in the case must negotiate. A good case study, according to Professor Paul Lawrence is:“the vehicle by which a chunk of reality is brought into the classroom to be worked over by the class and the instructor. A good case keeps the class discussion grounded upon some of the stubborn facts that must be faced in real life situations. ”(quoted in Christensen, 1981)Although they have been used most extensively in the teaching of medicine, law and business, case studies can be an effective teaching tool in any number of disciplines.

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Reinventing Organizations: a case study

There’s a new way of organizing and collaborating emerging around the globe – as Frederic Laloux shows in his book Reinventing Organizations. Let’s take a closer look at “new organizations” with a case study – and examine the three key things that they do differently: self-management, wholeness, and purpose. As I discussed in last week’s blog, organizational evolution matches the stages of human development. In short: Collaboration in the magic-tribal red phase looked like one tribe with a chief. They hunt-gather and fight the other tribes – trying to dominate.

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tribal art museum-bhopal

1. CASE STUDY ON TRIBAL ART MUSEUM 2. INTRODUCTION The Museum of Tribal Heritage at Bhopal was commissioned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 2004 since over 30% of the population of the state is tribal. It’s architecture was informed by their rich culture, evolved over millennia. The cultural diversity seen in Madhya Pradesh is hard to find anywhere else. Almost oblivious of political boundaries, communities living in states’ peripheries, tribal communities continue linguistic, lifestyle, music and cultural exchanges. The architecture of the museum, integrates seamlessly into a continuum, the outside with the inside, the natural with the human construct, the tribal with the urban and the viewer with the viewed.

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3 secrets to writing case studies right, real and fast

Case studies are the short story of the business world. You could  say a case study is a portrait of a profitable relationship between your company and a customer. They create credibility. They showcase a real world example of a product or service in action. If they are so great, why do marketing directors complain about how difficult it is to get great case studies? Here are some ways to help you get the opportunity share amazing stories from your customers. Build trust with your customer. The first issue in writing a great case study is to abandon the notion of a “case study” altogether.

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DVSA Theory Test Case Study Questions

Some of the questions asked during the Theory Test come in the form of a 'case study' - a scenario on which five questions will be based. These questions are designed to test whether you have really understood and can apply driving theory. In a 'case study' a driving scenario is set and you will be asked a number of questions about that scenario and how you would react as in the example. Case Study Example You are going to visit your cousin who lives in the next town. You have a road atlas in your car although you have been before and know the route really well.

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High Availability Case Studies

  High Availability Customer Case Studies, Presentations, Profiles, Analyst Reports, and Press Releases   Link Customer Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) presentation Amadeus - MAA Amadeus Mission Critical Applications presentation American Modern Insurance Group - Oracle MAA with database consolidation on Exadata profile AmerisourceBergen - MAA with SAP on Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, RMAN, Advanced Compression presentation Autodesk - MAA for tier 1 apps (Siebel CRM and SAP ERP), RAC, Active Data

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World Development book case study: sustainable urban development in Curitiba

In 2010 the Global Sustainable City Award was given to Curitiba. The award was introduced to recognise those cities that excel in sustainable urban development. It is much easier for cities in the developed world to invest in the planning and implementation of measures needed for sustainable urban development and it is a surprise to many people that the award went to a city in Brazil where, in spite of rapid industrial growth in recent years, income levels are still relatively low. A quick look at the reasons for this reveals Curitiba as a surprising place with an interesting history and culture.

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