How do I write a proposal on a small scale poultry business?

I couldn't really tell you, as I've not had that experience. I raised chickens for four years and sold some eggs, but it wasn't a full-fledged business. It's unclear what you're asking. Are you writing a business plan in hopes of gaining investors? Then the standard guidelines would apply, I imagine. I'd check out works like "Pastured Poultry Profits" by Joel Salatin for advice.Views ·Answer requested by Usman Jstpapy

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Could you please define what you mean by 'write a proposal'?  Are you looking to purchase an existing small business, trying to create a document as a plan on starting a new business, or perhaps writing a business plan that you will present to a bank or financial?  All of these are straight forward. 

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Please let us know more specifically what you are looking for  so we can help.Views ·Answer requested by Usman Jstpapy

first thing in writing a proposal for any business is 1 a summary which details what kind of business I am opening what are my Assets and what do I need second identify the product target market third identify the amount of money is spent on average by each customer how many of those people will shop more than once each month and how many will be new customers add up your average anticipated sales identify where you are getting that you came from who is the distributor and anyone that you have prior agreements with to provide services or products once you have identified these things you are readyViews ·Answer requested by Usman Jstpapy

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