Who is Jerry Yang? Everything You Need to Know


  • While studying for his doctorate, he met David Filo, with whom he shared an office at the Stanford University. At that time, the Internet had just been introduced, and both the young men soon became hooked to the new technology and often spent hours surfing on the net.
  • Gradually they realized that it was difficult to navigate on the web because it was a mishmash of uncategorized data. To overcome this problem, they designed software that organized the web pages by subject, and launched their own website, called "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web."
  • Within months the site was attracting thousands of people who were looking for a way to locate their favorite web pages. Because the site was visited so often, they decided to change the site name to something a little simpler and fun, renaming it to “Yahoo”.
  • Although they received offers for selling the company, the duo retained ownership of their creation, and continued to work to make Yahoo an even better search engine. In 1995, the pair was offered financial backing to start their own company.
  • Realizing the worth and importance of their creation, they dropped their studies six months away from finishing

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    their doctoral theses, and instead incorporated ‘Yahoo! Inc.’ in March 1995.

  • In 1996, the company went public; its stock was offered for sale to the public for the first time and the duo became instant millionaires. He served as the company’s ‘Chief Yahoo’ from March 1995 to January 2012 and its C.E.O. from 2007 to 2009.
  • From 2000 to 2012, he also served as an ‘Independent Director’ of ‘Cisco Systems’. In 2007, he established the ‘Yahoo! Human Rights Fund’, a fund to provide "humanitarian and legal support" to online dissidents.
  • After resigning from the board of directors at Yahoo! in 2012, he founded ‘AME Cloud Ventures’, an investing company. Since its creation, the firm has provided funding to more than 50 startups including ‘Tango’, ‘Evernote’, ‘Wattpad’.
  • Since November 2013, he has been an Independent Director of ‘Workday, Inc’. He also serves as an Independent Director of ‘Alibaba Group Holding Limited’.
  • Since November 2014, he has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of Lenovo Group Limited. He also serves on the board of trustees of Stanford University.
  • He has also served as Director of various other corporations such as ‘InfoGear Technology Corporation’, ‘American Internet Corporation’, ‘PipeLinks Inc.’, ‘ZDNet Inc.’, ‘Growth Networks Inc.’ and ‘Combinet Inc.’

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