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Whether you’re marketing a new business venture, promoting a new book, or simply drumming up some interest for an upcoming non-profit event, the press release is an invaluable tool that can make or break your efforts at gleaning some much-desired media attention.

At its best, a press release succinctly describes the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how” of your project in a manner that makes media professionals stop the presses (so to speak) and say, “Wow! Now this is what we’ve been looking for.” At its worst, a press release reads as little more than an unintelligible sales pitch teeming with errors of every kind.

Always keep in mind that a press release should be short, to the point, and contain only the significant details that would attract the attention of media professionals. Remember, you are courting editors, journalists, or TV producers-not consumers. They’re not looking for fancy formatting and they certainly aren’t hoping to be impressed by a writer’s expansive vocabulary. Stick to the point and be sure to include the essentials. Press releases are usually no more than one or two pages long and contain complete media contact information, a headline, dateline, the body of the press release, and three hash marks that state, in journalistic terms, ‘THE END.’

Sounds easy enough, right?

If it were easy to write a press release, there would be no need for press release writing services, press release writing articles, books, and newsletters. Press release writing is definitely not easy. For this reason, eReleases has pulled together tried and true examples of winning press releases covering various topics that will help to guide writers toward a successful media campaign. Use these samples as starting blocks, templates, or simply as sparks

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to generate ideas for your own press releases.

Happy writing!

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Press Release Samples Across Several Industries

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Press Release Format

  • Use 8 1/2-inch x 11-inch paper.
  • Use a minimum of one-inch margins on each side of the page.
  • Use a bold typeface for the headlines to draw attention.
  • Use title case. Capitalize the first letter of all words in the headline (with the exception of: “a,” “an,” “the,” or prepositions such as: “of,” “to,” or “from”). The combination of upper and lower case makes it easier to read.
  • Complete the paragraph on one page instead of carrying it over onto the next page.
  • Use only one side of each sheet of paper.
  • Use the word “more” between two dashes and center it at the bottom of the page to let reporters know that another page follows: – more –
  • End your press release with either three hash symbols (# # #) or -30- typed across the center of the page a couple lines below the end of your text.
  • Include a city and state of origin in the dateline of the press release. Nothing screams amateur more than a press release that simply reads USA or nothing at all.

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