The Jewel in the Crown (1984)

The Jewel in the Crown (1984)

Directors:      Jim O'Brien, Christopher Morahan

Starring:      Tim Pigott-Smith (Capt. Ronald Merrick),  Geraldine James (Sarah Layton),  Wendy Morgan (Susan Layton),  Judy Parfitt (Mildred Layton),  Rosemary Leach (Aunt Fenny),  Peggy Ashcroft (Barbie Batchelor),  Geoffrey Beevers (Kevin Coley),  Eric Porter (Dimitri Bronowsky),  Nicholas Le Prevost (Nigel Rowan),  Art Malik (Hari Kumar),  Derrick Branche (Ahmed Kasim),  Charles Dance (Guy Perron),  Rachel Kempson (Lady Manners),  Anna Cropper (Nicky Paynton),  Antony Brown (Arthur Peplow),  Shreela Ghosh (Minnie),  Nicholas Farrell (Teddy Bingham),  Frederick Treves (Col. John Layton),  Fabia Drake (Mabel Layton),  Marne Maitland (Pandit Baba),  James Bree (Uncle Arthur),  Stephen Riddle (Dicky Beauvais),  Susan Wooldridge (Daphne Manners),  Saeed Jaffrey (The Nawab of Mirat),  Zia Mohyeddin (Mohammad Ali 'Mak' Kasim),  Warren Clarke ('Sophie' Dixon),  Matyelok Gibbs (Sister Ludmila),  Carol Gillies (Clarissa Peplow),  Stuart Wilson (Jimmy Clarke),  Ralph Arliss (Captain Samuels),  Bob Babenia (Gopal),  Ishaq Bux (Aziz),  Jeremy Child (Robin White),  Rowena Cooper (Connie White),  Rennee Goddard (Dr. Anna Klaus),  Sheila Grant (Clara Fosdick),  Jonathan Haley (Edward Bingham),  Nicholas Haley (Edward Bingham),  Rashid Karapiet (Judge Menen),  Kamini Kaushal (Aunt Shalini),  Albert Moses (Suleiman),  Zohra Sehgal (Lili Chatterjee),  Leonard Trolley (Macpherson),  Lottie Ward (Sister Matthews).

A love affair set against the final years before India gained independence.

Episode I.  Crossing the River. 

Part 1.  Sister Ludmila.

Mayapor, India. 1942. 

The Japanese are poised in Burma to attack.  It is an urgent duty to prepare for the defense of India.  Many British ships come into Indian harbors. 

Night time.  Sister Ludmila shouts to Mr. De Souza.  She has found a man in the ditch.  She thinks he's dead.  The man has been robbed.  Her companion finds out that the man in not dead.  He is only drunk.  Sister says that to be so drunk he must be unhappy.  She takes him into her compound. 

The next day Merrick arrives.  He is the District Superintendent of Police.  He is here to conduct a search.  They are looking for a wanted man.  He refers to the place as the "death house".  Sister says some call it that.  It is a sanctuary for those in need.  Merrick and his men look around but find no one.  So he turns his attention on the man the sister brought in last night.  Kumar is a nephew by marriage of the San Guptas.  Merrick speaks with Kumar in Hindi, but Kumar says he doesn't speak Indian.  The superintendent is very suspicious and decides to take Kumar into custody.  Kumar says he will come but under protest.  He lives with his aunt, the sister of his father.  His father made and lost a fortune in England.  It is said he died by his own hand.     

Part 2.  Daphne Manners. 

The police put Kumar in a police truck.  The superintendent waves to Daphne Manners on her bicycle on the road.  Daphne goes to the hospital to volunteer.  Her late uncle was governor of the province.  Her father is dead and Lady Manners is in Rawalpindi.  She is staying at Lilli Chatterjee's place, McGregor House.  Lilli is a Rahjput princess.  Daphne speaks to the matron of the hospital.  The matron says there may be things she will see in the hospital of which she might not approve.  Daphne suggests that maybe these are things that should be changed.  Daphne tells Matron that she was an ambulance driver in the London Blitz.  Matron introduces Daphne to Dr. Anna Klaus, a Jewish German woman who works at the Woman's Hospital.  She was thrown out of Germany by Hitler before the war. 

After her visit to the hospital, Daphne goes home.  She talks with Lili about what happened during the day.  Lili speaks to her of meeting more young people, especially gentlemen.  Anna Klaus telephones Lili to tell her that the police took Kumar in.  Lili calls Judge Menen to discuss the matter.  The Judge tells her that the police have already let him go.  The lawyer was already there.  Lili tells Daphne about Kumar.  Oh, and another young man is Ronald Merrick, the police superintendent.  Lili says that all the girls are after him.  Daphne asks Lili if she can call her "auntie".  Lili agrees that she can.  She then tells Daphne that she will have a cocktail party so Daphne can meet young people.  And she will invite both Kumar and Ronald. 

Part 3.  Lili Chatterjee's Party. 

Japanese Blitz Burma is the headline.  They burn down an important town.   Thousand of refugees flee into India. 

At the party, Anna Klaus says the British bombed Rostock. She says it's strange being German looking at the news.  Lili introduces Daphne to Mr. and Mrs. Seaton.  She then points out Vassey, the lawyer who helps Congress Party people when they get in trouble.  Then there is Judge Menen.  Kumar shows up.  His aunt couldn't come to the party he says.  Daphne meets Kumar.  Kumar works for the Mayapore Gazette.  Curiously she walks away from him.  She then comes back to show him the garden.  He tells her he grew up in England since the age of two.  She tells him that her brother David and her father were killed last year in the desert two months apart.  She says they have something the same.  They are both without parents.  Kumar strangely becomes offended.  He says they are not the same.  He tells Daphne he has to leave.  Lili asks Daphne about Kumar and she says:  "I think he's terribly sad . . . because he seems so lost." 

Part 4.  War Week Exhibition.

Daphne comes with her friends to see the Exhibition.  Reggie Rockaford say it's a bit of flag waving to impress the natives.  The other couple is Babs Linton and Tony Masters.  Rockaford mentions Gandhi and the Congress Party.  The sepoys are going to do some wrestling.  Daphne sees Kumar and stops to say hello.  Ronald Merrick stares at them not looking too happy.  Daphne invites Kumar to come any evening to her place.  It's open house, she says.  The parade starts. 

At a military bar Ronald says to Daphne:  "Hello Mary."  Did she enjoy the parade? She says she did indeed.  She loves military music.  Ronald just happens to have a collection of military parade music.  He invites her to come over and listen to it.  Daphne says: "I will."

At home Daphne and Lili talk.  She tells Daphne that to the Hindus the material world is an illusion.  Lili also says she admires Gandhi.  Daphne says that Kumar might come over.  Lili says she thinks Kumar is rather an odd fish.  Daphne replies:  "I'm rather an odd fish myself.  . . . I don't suppose he'll ever come."  Meanwhile, Kumar runs toward McGregor House.

Part 5.  Dinner and Dancing. 

Dinner will be ready in half an hour.  Kumar arrives.  His full name is Hari Kumar.  She says she has jazz and swing records.  Kumar says he took the job at the press as a way to cross the river from his side to theirs.  He says it's difficult.  You become invisible.  They decide to dance even though both say they are terrible dancers.  The record is too slow, so they switch to a Big Band record and start dancing fast. 

At midnight Lili Chatterjee comes back. She says she saw Ronald Merrick, who looked in on the get-together.  She says she heard that Daphne will be popping over to his place to listen to records.  (The remark seems aimed at Kumar to provoke him a bit.)

Part 6.  Hari's Home.  

At the Gazette, Kumar looks out the window and sees Daphne in the street below.  At home Daphne tells Lili that it's hot.  Lili says that she got a thank you letter from Kumar like the one she just received from him.  Kumar has asked them to dinner.  Since Lili is not going, she suggests that Daphne can go by herself. 

Daphne takes a ride over to Kumar's place.  People stare at her.  She gets off near the place.  The children start to follow her.  Kumar comes to the open door.  Everyone is still looking at her.  At dinner they have iced beer and chicken tandoori.  Aunt Shalina proves very pleasant indeed.  She shows Daphne photos of where Kumar lived in England.  Collin Linsay was his best friend at school in England, at Chillingboro.  At 11 p.m. the tongaree "taxi" arrives for her as ordered.  Daphne says to Kumar that the rains must come soon.  They both see Sister Ludmila in the street.  Kumar says that she picks up the dead and the dying.     

Part 7.  An Evening with Merrick. 

Ronald and Daphne listen to military music at his place.  He then changes the pace with "Claire De Lun."   Daphne tells him that the song was her brother's favorite.  Ronald asks her if the song upsets her.  She says no.  Ronald tells her that he wanted to, but couldn't transfer to the military.  He joined the police partly because he is so ordinary.  He is a grammar school boy.  His grandparents were of humble origins.  But he worked real hard.  Ronald says that it has been very hard for him to find the right kind of girl.  He says he is lonely and their friendship means a lot to him.  Seemingly out of nowhere, he suddenly suggests that she become engaged to him.  She tells him that she has not thought of getting engaged to anyone.  "I'm sorry," she says.  It was a marvelous dinner and he went to heaps of trouble, but she must go.  When they arrive at McGregor House, she asks him if he wants to come in for a nightcap.  He declines.  Ronald then tells her that he would like her to use his car.  McGregor House is isolated and there is a lot of anti-British feeling out there, what with Gandhi and his "Quit India" campaign.   If the Indians go on strike, it could cause a great many problems for the British.  Daphne says since he insists, she will use the car. 

Part 8.  The Bibighar.

In the morning the rains start.  Daphne assists Dr. Anna with tending the women and children at Sister Ludmila's place.  Kumar is also there.  Kumar introduces Daphne to Sister Ludmila.  The sister says she understands that Daphne wishes to help.  Yes, if it's o.k. with sister.  Sister answers: "God tells us what to do.  How can I quarrel with him?"

Kumar is scolded by his Hindi teacher.  Kumar says that learning Hindi is a waste of time.  Daphne comes over.  She hears the teacher tell Kumar:  "I'm willing when you are. . . . You should be ashamed to always be speaking in the language of a foreign power."  The teacher leaves.

Daphne invites Kumar to go with her to help her pick out her best photographs.  And then they will have tea at home.  A British woman sees Kumar and Daphne together and, scandalized, tells her husband:  "Did you see that?"

The rains come again.  Kumar and Daphne are riding bikes.  Daphne tell him they have to take cover.  They go over to what looks like a very large stone gazebo.  There are in the middle of nowhere.  She has a smoke.  She tells Kumar that this is a very historic building.  It's the Bibighar.  The story behind its construction goes back 200 years.  The man build it for his concubine.  But one day he saw her with a lover.  He killed both of them and then burned the building down.  Now what remains are the ghosts.  Kumar finds it hard to believe in ghosts.  He says he hates India.  India with its beggars, crowds, heat, bugs and being black and English.  He then asks Daphne if he could have one of the photos of her.  He goes through them and takes the one he likes. 

The rain stops.  Kumar says they can go now.  They come close to kissing, but Kumar draws back.  He decides not to go to McGregor House.  Daphne tells him that she will be at the sanctuary again on Tuesday. 

Part 9.  Merrick Shows His Colors. 

Daphne asks Aunt Lili if English people ever go inside the local temple.  Lili says that she's never heard of one.  The aunt then asks Daphne if she is getting bored, or does she only go to meet Kumar.  Daphne says she is not bored and that she's meeting Ronald Merrick at the club tomorrow.  Kumar puts Daphne's photo in a frame.

Ronald drives Daphne home.  He would like her to come around to his place on Saturday.  She tells him that she is paying a visit to the local temple on that day.  Ronald asks if Kumar is taking her.  Yes.  He then tells her that people have started talking about her going out with an Indian.  He warns her against associating with Kumar.  After all, the man is still under suspicion.  Daphne says she doesn't pick her friends by the color of their skins.  Ronald replies that color does matter.  She gets angry and Ronald says he's sorry.  He expressed it badly, he says.  He does, however, add that the idea revolts him.  He leaves. 

Kumar phones Daphne.  He says that he has her note.  Daphne says she will expect him around 6 to go to the temple.  He says he is surprised at her for wanting to visit a temple.  The newspaper headline is:  "Will Congress Support Gandhi?"

At the temple Daphne listens to the musicians play and the bell ringer ring the bell.  The couple both receive the red dot on their foreheads.  After the ceremony, Daphne thanks Kumar for taking her.  They smoke Indian cigarettes.  She then tells him:  "You've been trying to put me off."    He denies it.  She asks him about what Ronald said about him.  She wants to know what happened.  Hari says he was rather amused at the whole thing.  And, yes, he was amused at Lili Chatterjee's party.  Daphne takes this comment a little too personally and gets insulted and upset.  Kumar tells her:  "You have been very kind and I'm grateful."  She tries to explain that she wasn't particularly trying to be kind.  She calls an end to the evening. 

Part 10.  Colin Lindsey.

After a long absence Daphne makes a visit to the club.  Ronald comes in.  He tells her that Congress voted in favor of Gandhi's resolution.  It could mean strikes, arson and civil disturbance.  Ronald asks her if she enjoyed her visit to the temple.  Yes, she did but it did create a little stir as usual. 

At night Sister Ludmila walks with her lamp through the sanctuary.  She sees Kumar and tells him that the clinic is over.  She invites him in.  He tells her that he's been drinking.  No, not like the last time.  Speaking of that, Sister would like to know what happened that night.  He says he saw Colin Lindsey, his closest friend from England.  Colin had said that if his regiment ever came to India, he would be sure to look him up.  But they lost touch.  And his regiment did come to India, but Colin did not come to see him.  Then one day, while working for the Gazette, Colin saw him.  He saw him, but he did not recognize Kumar.  Kumar says I had become an Indian to him.  "I had become invisible."  At that moment some Indian chaps  grabbed him. They start making fun of him.  He says:  "I'm Indian being incapable of being anything but an Indian, something totally alien to me."  They drank a lot of home-made hooch.  He began to learn to be an Indian.  The guys burned his pith helmet, the symbol for them of his English shame.  Then they carried him home.  After they left, he wandered after them to the waste ground.  That's where Sister found him.

Part 11.  The Trouble in India. 

Judge Menen called, says Lili to Daphne.  The police arrested Gandhi today.  She starts to cry saying it is a bit of a shock.  Daphne kisses her.  She then goes to work.  It's her Sunday "on". 

The news from the newsreel is that Congress Party decides for a mass civil disobedience campaign.  There are disturbances in many cities. 

Daphne works at the hospital.  Babs comes to her to tell her that a missionary woman was attacked on the road.  She was nursing an Indian school master who had been in the car with her.  They were attacked by rioters.  The poor man is dead. Babs goes on:  "Anyone who trusts an Indian is a bloody fool if you ask me."  Daphne does not like that remark.   Babs says that Matron wants Daphne to sit with Miss Crane. 

Miss Crane keeps repeating:  "There's nothing I can do."  Daphne goes in to see her.  The woman says she is very grateful for the care she has received at the hospital.  She asks Daphne to get out a tin of sweets she has in her suitcase.  While finding the tin, Daphne asks her about the picture of Queen Victoria she has in the suitcase.  Miss Crane says that she uses it to teach the children English.  She tells the story of Queen Victoria and the jewel in the crown.   The jewel is actually India.  Prime Minister Disraeli is in the picture.  With his help In 1877 she became Queen Empress of India.

Daphne is with Sister Ludmila.  Sister tells Daphne she must get home before dark.  There are rumors of trouble.  Daphne leaves for home.

Part 12.  Daphne is Missing. 

Ronald Merrick comes to McGregor House.  He asks Lili where Daphne is.  Lili says she is probably at the club.  But Ronald has already checked there.  She's not there.  He asks auntie where can Daphne be.  He says this is very serious business, then:  "What a damn mess!"  Did you know I asked Daphne to marry me, asks Ronald.  Lili says Daphne never told her.  Ronald rushes off. 

Episode II.  Bibighar Gardens. 

Part I.  Ghosts in India.

Daphne rides her bike to Bibighar Gardens.  She thinks of ghosts figuring that there must be hundreds of thousand of ghosts in a country so full of history as India.  Kumar is already there waiting for her.  She asks him:  "Didn't you get my note?  I went to the sanctuary."  She asks for a smoke.  When Hari goes to light the cigarette she grabs his hand to help him.  He gets irritated by this saying that she deliberately touched him to indicate that it's alright.  Daphne says that she thought they had gotten beyond that.  Hari says:  "No, we can never get beyond it!"  Daphne says:  "It was never about the color, at least for me."  Hari says that she should not be out tonight and that he will take her home.  Suddenly, they are kissing.  Two men see them. 

Merrick can't find Daphne.  He starts checking with different people.  He asks Lili Chatterjee.  Yes, Daphne does help at the clinic.  Maybe she went to the San Guptas.  Merrick checks with Aunt Shalini.  The aunt is a little upset by the visit.  No, Daphne has not been here.  She says:  "I know nothing." 

Robin White is concerned about Miss Crane.  She is not doing well.

Daphne comes home to shout for help.  Her clothes and face are dirty and she is very disheveled.  She falls at the bottom of the steps.  Her aunt says she will ring for Dr. Klaus. 

Part 2.  Merrick Investigates.

Aunt Lili asks Daphne who was it.  Was it Hari?  No, says Daphne.  She says she hasn't seen Hari.  There were five or six men.   They covered her head.  It happened at Bibighar.  Merrick comes in.  Daphne says she doesn't want to see anyone.  Merrick is sent to Bibighar.  There he finds her bike and pocketbook.  In addition, he finds her cape and underwear. 

Merrick and a couple of policemen go out looking for the rapists.  He sees a light on in a shed.  The guys inside are a little drunk.  They are friends of Hari.  Merrick arrests them and throws them in jail.   Then Merrick busts in on Hari at home.  He sees Daphne's photo on his desk. 

Part 3.  Kumar's Interrogation. 

Merrick has Kumar naked in front of him at the police station.  He looks at his penis and says that he has been intelligent enough to wash.  He says:  "She wasn't a virgin, was she?"  Hari is offended by the question.  But the questioning soon turns to Pandit Babar.  Merrick wants to know what Kumar knows about the man.  They already know that he preaches that the Japanese will push the British out of India.  He's the type that Merrick really despises.  He returns to the subject of Daphne.  Back to being disgusting, Merrick says there have been inquiries about an English woman who likes black cock. 

Merrick is a bit of the sadistic type.  He tells Kumar that they are in a definite relationship.  He is the ruler and Kumar is one of the ruled.  There is contempt on his side and fear on Kumar's side.  Merrick says he thinks that Kumar wants to talk.  There are three missing hours in his account of the events on the evening in question.  He goes on to say that Daphne stopped to talk to Kumar at Bibighar Garlden.  He raped Daphne and then his friends raped her.  Merrick urges Kumar to say that Daphne egged him on.  "Say yes and the pain will stop," he says.

At home Daphne is still distraught repeating the words of Miss Crane:  "There's nothing I can do."

Kumar is handcuffed to a cot.  Merrick uses deprivation of water as a means of torture.  He philosophizes about human relationships:  "There's no true love between human beings."  He ends with:  "Now you can sleep.  And tomorrow you can confess."

Part 4.  Life is an Illusion.

Robin White and Dr. Klaus are at Daphne's bedside.  Robin, as Deputy Commissioner, tells Daphne that has a few questions for her.  Daphne says she stopped at the Bibighar; smoked a cigarette; and then suddenly the men were on her.  It all happened so quick without any warning.  They were peasants or laborers.  They smelled like such men.  They all were hooligans.  Dr. Klaus tells Robin that that is enough questioning for now.  They both leave. 

Robin speaks with Pandit Babar.  Pandit says that he is concerned about the men in jail  There are stories that they have been beaten and forced to eat beef.  Robin wants to know about his teachings.  Pandit says that he teaches that "life is an illusion".  The news of the day is that Congress clashes with the police.  India will be made secure, say the British. 

Daphne has a daymare about that violent night.  While she and Kumar were resting, the men grabbed the couple.  They put her cape over her head.  Daphne hears gun fire.  Aunt Lili tells her that there is rioting in town.  The army opened fire on the rioters.  

Aunt Lili thinks that Daphne is hiding something. She tells her that Kumar has been thrown into jail.  The Indians are talking about the "Martyrs of Bibighar".  Daphne says:  "It won't stand up in court."  Lili tells her that she is very worried for her and very worried about all of the Indians because Daphne doesn't shrink from anything, and like Pandora, opens the box of troubles. 

In an inquiry with Robin as chairman, Ronald Merrick is being questioned.  Daphne is there.  When Kumar is discussed, Daphne pipes up with: "He wasn't there!"  Daphne has a flashback to the events of that night.  The attackers tied Kumar up.  When she got herself together after the rapes, she unties Kumar.  They hug each other.  He picks her up and carries her out of Bibighar.  He says that they must have taken her bicycle.  But she is not concerned about her bike.  She tells Kumar that she has to go home alone; that he hasn't been here.  Hari says:  "I've go to be with you.  I love you."  She says:  "Promise me!"  She leaves muttering:  "There's nothing I can do."  

Robin asks Daphne about her photo being in Kumar's bedroom.  She says that she gave the photo to Kumar.  Robin is very concerned about Daphne's unwillingness to provide much information.  For instance, she refuses to look at the men held in jail as suspects.  He says that her silence might be considered "willful obstruction".   Daphne will only say that the boys they have in jail are innocent.  For one thing, they are all Hindus, but one of her attackers was a Muslim.  He was circumcised.  When Daphne leaves the interview room, she tells Dr. Klaus:  "Anna, I think we've won."

Part 5.  An Englishman. 

Lili Chatterjee writes a letter to Ethel.  She says it is good that Daphne will go to her place to bear her child.  Lili also writes that poor Miss Crane died.  She committed a sort of suicide. 

In jail Kumar shouts to his guards that he hasn't seen a lawyer for seven weeks. 

Mrs. White comes to see Daphne.  She tells her that the matter of Kumar and the others is now out of their hands.  The guys have been sent to prison. She also tells Daphne that the fellows weren't send to prison because of the rape.  They were sent away for political reasons; for their association with Pandit Babar.  Mrs. White says she thinks it strange that Hari said nothing in his own defense and his judges took that silence as guilt.  Then she speculates that such a silence probably was imposed on him, perhaps by a woman.  She is obviously trying to draw Daphne out to tell her more about what really happened.  Daphne starts acting peculiarly.  She starts singing.  She stands up, then suddenly goes to her knees, saying"  "I'm going mad!  Poor Miss Crane!"

Part 6.  State of Grace.

Daphne speaks of Miss Crane.  She burned herself up in a fire she set while she was in a small shed.  To Dr. Klaus she says:  "I have to get him back.  I can't live without him."  But the doctor tells her:  "This you must learn to do  -- to live without."

Episode III.  Questions of Loyalty. 

Part 1.  The Silence of India. 

Daphne comes to say goodbye to Sister Ludmila.  She is leaving in two days to stay with Aunt Ethel and have her baby.  She has not seen Kumar for quite some time.  His aunt would not even speak to her.  Nobody will tell her where he is.  It's the silence of India.  The silence behind the chatter and the violence. 

Daphne has a baby girl. 

Hari is still in prison. 

At the cemetery.  Daphne Manner's gravestone.  She died May l7, 1943. 

Daphne wrote a long letter to her Aunt Ethel in case something bad happened.  She writes that she has been having morbid premonitions regarding the birth.  If a child survives, she writes, use her money to help him or her. 

Part 2. The Laytons.

Daphne's little girl keeps crying and it disturbs their neighbors on the boat moored not far from Aunt Ethel's place.   The mother of the Layton clan says that it was Daphne's own fault what happened.  She had been going around with an Indian. 

At a get-together of some of the local women, the talk is all about Daphne and Hari.  One of the guests says that the police must have hard physical evidence against Kumar that would convict him regardless of what Daphne might have said about the matter.  Their hostess says that she is worried about Barbie Batchelor.  She has been wandering around and talking to herself.  She was talking to her friend Miss Crane, who is now deceased.  Barbie arrives at the get-together.  She has the same painting of "The Jewel in the Crown" as Miss Crane had.  Barbie is under the impression that Miss Crane is still alive.  She says the same thing that Miss Crane said about the picture:  India is the jewel in the royal crown of Victoria, who never actually visited India. 

Back home, Mrs. Layton still discusses the Daphne-Hari affair with her daughter Sarah.  There was no trial.  So they had to lock up the culprits under the Defense of India Law.  She says:  "India's going anyway."  Mrs. Layton's other daughter, Susan, arrives by water taxi.  She tells the family that she has received a letter from her fianc� Teddie Bingham.  He's worried about the wedding.  He needs to get a military leave for the ceremony.

Part 3.  The Indian National Army. 

Teddie finds it hard to sleep in the Indian heat.  In the morning he notices that someone new is sleeping in the once empty bed.  It's none other than Ronald Merrick.  The men of the military receive intensive training in jungle warfare.  A new member has been added to the intelligence staff.  Captain Merrick comes up to speak with the men.  What he wants to tell them is about the Indian National Army.  The members of this anti-British force are composed of Indian POWs recruited to help drive the British out of India.  Merrick says that they will meet these men on the battlefield. 

After the talk Teddie approaches Merrick and introduces himself.  They agree to meet this evening.  Before leaving, Merrick tells him congratulations on his upcoming marriage. 

Part 4.  A Letter from Susan.

Burma, Arakan Front (along the western coast of Burma starting near Mayu and heading southeast).   The newsreel speaks of fierce jungle fighting in the area.  Often the soldier shoots without actually seeing the enemy in the thick jungle. 

Teddie gets dropped off at his quarters.  Outside the door he sees a bicycle with the front wheel missing.  On the ground in front of it is some type of Indian symbol drawn with the use of earthen material.  Teddie wipes out the symbol with his foot.  He then goes inside.  He has received a letter from Susan Layton.  It is dated August 23, 1943.  She says in the letter that she misses him a lot.  A little latter Teddie discovers that the bicycle is now gone.  He asks the servant about it, but the servant seems to play dumb. 

Ronald Merrick speaks with Teddie saying that he did not see him at the dining room.  Teddie says he wasn't feeling good.  It may be the humidity, he suggests.  Merrick seems to know so many things that Teddie asks him if he was in the Indian police service.  Merrick says yes.  They decide to go over to the officer's mess to talk more.  Merrick says he was just a grammar school boy.  Teddie then turns the talk to the disappearing bicycle.  He asks Merrick if a bicycle has any particular significance for him.  It was a lady's bike.  And there was a symbol too, but he can't remembers it's exact shape.  Merrick asks him if he mentioned the bicycle to anyone.  No.  Without saying why, Merrick asks Teddie to keep the matter between themselves.  (There is a scene where the servant throws the bicycle in a large body of water.) 

Merrick asks when is the wedding.  Teddie expresses doubts about the timing of the event.  Merrick suggests that he get married here, before he has to begin jungle training.  Jungle training would inevitably postpone any wedding.  Susan wants a proper wedding, say Teddie.  Merrick counters that there is a nice chapel available.  The talk turns to the Layton family.  Colonel Layton is now a POW in Germany. 

Part 5.  Sarah Meets Lady Manners. 

Teddie can only get 72 hours military leave.  Susan frets over it, but decides that it will be fun.  Her sister Sarah goes to visit Lady Manners.  Sarah explains that the family had not paid an "official" visit because they did not know what to say to her regarding the whole birth and death matter.  But she really wants to see the baby.  Aunt Ethel is very happy to show the child to her.  Lady Manners explains that poor Daphne never actually got to see her child.  When their chat is finished Aunt Ethel asks Sarah to come again.  Sarah, says yes, if she can.  Lady Manners says:  "I understand."

Part 6.  Barbara's Secret.

Sarah goes to see one of her relatives, Mabel Layton, who is tending to her garden.  The woman asks if Sarah enjoyed her holiday.  Yes.  Sarah then says that Susan is getting married in Mirat.  Mabel tells her that Barbie's in the house.  Sarah goes inside.  They talk about the wedding a bit.  Tony Bishop will be the best man.  Mabel can't comes.  Mirat's too far.  Barbie says about herself and the wedding:  "Your mother wouldn't want me."  She explains that she was the cause of all the trouble between Sarah's mother and Aunt Mabel.  Sarah mentions the "Jewel in the Crown" picture hanging on the wall.  This brings up the subject of Miss Crane.  Barbie is very upset.  She just recently learned about the death of Miss Crane and about the terrible way

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she died.  She had written letters to Miss Crane, but she never answered. 

Episode 4.  Incidents at a Wedding.

Part 1.  A New Best Man

Pankot, 1943.  Sarah Layton comes home.  The talk in the house is that the best man Tony Bishop has developed jaundice and won't b e available for the wedding.  Susan telephones Teddie to tell him about Tony.  Teddie says he will find someone else.  It seems like he might choose Ronald Merrick. 

Teddie waits for the train to arrive.  It arrives and Mrs. Layton, then Sarah and finally Susan get off.  Also traveling with them is Uncle Arthur and Aunt Fenny.  Mrs. Layton introduces Teddie to aunt and Uncle.  At lunch the talk turns to the nawab.  There is a story that he fell in loves with a Russian �migr� in Monte Carlo and Count Bronowsky had to save him.  Merrick joins the table and is introduced ass the new best man.  After lunch they the drives away in two cars to meet Ahmed Kasim. 

 Part 2.  Ahmed Kasim.

Ahmed is a relative of the nawab.  The future wedding party arrives.  Mr. Kasim greets them.  Aunt Fenny talks about how Teddie first like Sarah before choosing Susan. 

Later Kasim speaks with Bronowsky about their guests.  Kasim says that Mrs. Layton is a bit drunk.  He also says that he is not attracted to white women.  He finds white girls only half finished as far as their color is concerned. 

Aunt Fenny worries that Sarah doesn't really believe in British imperialism in India. 

Kasim's father is in prison.  Kasim and Sarah are to go riding the next day. 

Bronowsky tells Kasim that for the ride with Sarah he should really ask Professor Nair who has loads of personal experience.  Bronowsky also wants to check on Professor Nair's two visitors, a mystery woman and an elderly scholar named Pandit Baba from Myapore.  He especially wants to now more about Pandit Babar.  Kasim pays a visit to Pandit Baba.  He asks if he was in Myapore when the riots occurred.  Pandit objects to the term "riot".  There were rightfully protesting.   Kasim then asks about the rape of Daphne Manners.  Did Pandit know Hari Kumar?  Pandit says he taught him Hindi.  He adds that no charge was ever brought against the group of men arrested for the "rape".  The men were tortured and defiled by a man known for his cruelty and perversion.  All the men are in prison.   Pandit leaves.  Kasim asks Professor Nair about how to deport himself with the white Sarah.  That's easy says the professor.  One stays behind, always behind. 

 Part 3.  A Stone is Thrown.

Sarah and Kasim go for the horse ride and Kasim stays behind her the whole time.  When Sarah comes back she agrees with her aunt that it was unwise to go riding with Kasim.  The reasons is that they were both too self-conscious.  Kasim only spoke when spoken to. 

A newsreel speaks of Indians at Buckingham Palace.  The King and Queen honored the 4th Infantry Division under commander Col. Scott.  the division won glory in battle in Libya and Tunisia. 

Merrick and Teddie are in the nawab's limousine heading to the wedding.  All of a sudden a rock sails throw the window and cuts Teddie on his left cheek.  The driver stops the car.  Merrick looks for the thrower but can't find him.  Teddie is going to have to get a stitch or two.  They have to go to the hospital.  Merrick says they will just have to postpone the ceremony for a half-hour. 

Count Bronowsky speaks with the nawab.  The ceremony will have to be postponed for half an hour because of the stone throwing incident.  The nawab says it's been ten years since a stone was thrown.  Bronowsky what's more interesting is why the stone was thrown and at whom.  The Count believes it was thrown at the men in the car.  The British military men. 

Part 4.  The Wedding Bride.

Teddies kisses his brand new wife.  He has a bandage on his left cheek where he was hit by the stone. 

The nawab arrives but the military guard makes him wait outside because he is an Indian.  The Count says that the slight against him may less the slight caused by the rock throwing incident.  And suddenly the Count remembers who Merrick is. 

Someone rushes to Mrs. Layton to tell her what happened to the nawab.  He has been refused entry by the M.P.  Mrs. Hobhouse tells Mrs. Layton that she and her husband, the Colonel, will soothe the whole situation over.  The situation was not caused by the Laytons, but by those in charge of the security arrangements.  She will explain this to the nawab. 

A little later the nawab comes in to meet Mrs. Layton.  The woman is a bit tipsy from drinking too much.  The situation is a bit awkward.  But Susan improves the situation by giving a very low curtsy to the nawab and thanking him warmly for coming to her wedding.  The nawab is moved by her gesture.  Kasim comes over to say hello to Sarah, who at the moment is with Merrick.  Merrick does not look happy about an Indian speaking with Sarah. 

Part 5.  A Man of Detail. 

Aunt Fenny asks Merrick to go get a hat box out of the car.  He fetches it.  When he comes back in he decides to take a smoke break.  Count Bronowsky comes over to him to chat.  The Count says Merrick is a man of detail, like the Count is.  He tells Merrick that he is sorry about the rock throwing incident this morning.  Merrick asks the count if he wants something.  The Count wants to ask him a question but it is rather impertinent.  Merrick tells him to go ahead and ask the question.  Was the stone thrown at you?, asks the Count.  After all Merrick is the Merrick at Myapore dealing with the Daphne Manners case.  Merrick says there's no reason for him to deny it. 

The Count then asks him if the name Pandit Baba means anything to him.  Merrick says that he is an elderly scholar who incites his disciples against Muslims and the British.  Bronowsky tells him that Pandit is in Mirat.  Merrick says that Bronowsky thinks that Pandit is behind the stone throwing incident.  Yes. The the Count asks Merrick does he think he has been carefully tracked down.  Merrick says:  "It may be as you say.  It doesn't bother me.  This is their last opportunity.  They can hardly follow where I'm going."  That is, unless they bribe a sepoy to a bullet in his head.  Merrick adds that:  "All this is something I prefer to forget.  I'm sorry you identified me."  The Count says that all this just adds a mysterious air to him that the women will find attractive. 

Going back to the party the Count says that he and Merrick have a lot in common.  For instance, would Merrick say that the man across the way is beautiful?  Merrick immediately says:  "Yes."  Then he gives the Count a strange look.  The Count tells him to never mind. 

Part 6.  An Apology.

Susan gets upset because Aunt Fenny keeps talking about the Merrick-Daphne-Hari affair.  The talk also upsets Sarah.  Aunt Fenny has been derogating Lady Manners and the baby girl and Sarah doesn't like it.  So she tells her aunt that Lady Manners and the girl are good people.  How does she know?  Because she went over for a visit.  She says she went to apologize for us, the family.  Aunt Fenny says she thinks Sarah is very strange and she worries about her.  Sarah says she worries about herself too.   

Episode V.  The Regimental Silver.

Part 1.  Hiding Prejudice.

Mirat.  1943.  The honeymoon couple says goodbye to their family at the train station.  Merrick visits Sarah.  He says he is off to Calcutta in tomorrow morning.  He asks if she will write to him sometimes.  Sarah says she will.  Merrick then says he's glad that he found her alone.  He wanted to apologize.  That thrown stone was meant for him, not Tedddie.  He adds:  "I was the worst best man Teddie could have chosen."  "Oh, no," says Sarah.  "We all understand."  Sarah, however, wants to know about the incident at the railway station. 

Flashback.   Kumar's aunt falls at the feet of Merrick to beg him to help free Kumar.  Pandit Baba is also there and he gives Merrick a dirty look.  The family is staring at Merrick and so he says:  "A mad  woman!  A mad woman!" 

Sarah asks Merrick what was Daphne like.  Merrick says she was a sensitive woman, the kind of girl a man can talk to.  Sarah then asks was Merrick in love with her.  He says he doesn't really know.  He thought so at the time.  But now he's not so sure.  He says he warned her about associating with an Indian.  It destroyed her.  He then tells Sarah that when he first met her, he thought to himself that here is another Daphne and Kumar.  "Here's another one who doesn't know where the line is to be drawn."  Merrick adds that a white man can marry or live with an Indian woman with no problem.  He is seen as the superior partner.  But if an Indian man goes with a white woman he is conscious of always degrading her.  Merrick goes on to say:  "We're not supposed to talk about this."  Sarah replies:  "I know.  It's how we hide our prejudices and go on living with them."

Part 2.  Nigel Rowan

The newsreel speaks of the advance on the Arakan Front.  Often the Japanese have to be cleared out of their hiding places. 

Lady Manners rides with Captain Nigel Rowan to the prison where Kumar is held.  The Captain had been in Burma until he got a dose of fever.  Now he will apply to get back into the political department, which he loves.  He has a photo for Lady Manners.  It is of Kumar.  Lady Manners has come to the prison to watch the proceedings with Kumar from behind blinds.  Hari is brought out.  Rowan explains that these are only proceedings, not recommendations, investigating the situation under the Defense of India Law.  

Susan is back from her honeymoon.  Teddie is off to Burma.  Mrs. Layton tells Aunt Fenny that Merrick should have told Teddie about his past and that the radical Indians were following him. 

Rowan says that Hari said nothing in his own defense.  Hari says that was because Merrick would not tell him the reasons for his arrest.  The charge made by Kumar is that Merrick made an obscene remark to him.  He was also tied over a trestle and caned.  Rowan insists that Hari tell him what was the remark that Merrick made to him.  So Hari says:  "He asked me if I was enjoying it."  And he asked it while he had his hands between Kumar's legs.  Rowan asks:  "Why are you lying?"  Hari says he is not lying.  Then it occurs to him that something is amiss.  He asks if something has happened to Daphne.  Something must have happened and he is the loose end they want to tie up.  He asks:  "Is she dead?"  Their silence indicates that she is.  He says:  "I sometimes felt it."  He cries briefly.  Rowan says that she died of peritonitis.  They thought Hari already knew.  Rowan wants Hari to withdraw the charge of perversion against Merrick, but Hari says he has nothing to withdraw. 

Part 3.  A Charade.  

Mabel, Sarah and Barbie talk together.  Mabel goes inside.  Kumar is still in prison.  Sarah tells Barbie what she thinks of Merrick.  She felt he wasn't honest.  She noticed him watching her to see the effect of his words on her.  She goes on to say:  "I don't think I liked him at all."  Barbie says that Sarah seems to be haunted the by event.  Sarah says:  "Someone should be haunted about it." 

At the prison Lady Manners tells Rowan that Kumar spoke the truth.  Rowan tells her that he will be released.  She then asks isn't all this just a charade.  "Nothing can happen to Mr. Merrick.  That's part of the charade too."

Barbie gives Sarah a set of decorative spoons as a wedding gift for Susan.  Sarah will give them to her sister.  Sarah tells Barbie that she might be leaving Pankot.   She wants to do something more useful or at least do it closer to the war.  She leaves. 

Part 4.  Susan's Birthday Party. 

Barbie comes in to Mabel to say that they have both received invitations to Susan's birthday Party.  Mabel doesn't really want to go but she will for Barbie. 

At the party Mrs. Layton and Sue greet the two older women.  Barbie starts looking for Sarah.  Sarah arrives and says hello to Barbie.  The wedding gifts are on display for everyone to see.  Barbie goes over to the display, but she can't finder her set of spoons.  She becomes upset and then that is worsened by the crowded party.  She sits down.  When she feels better she goes looking for Mabel.  She finds her alone in another room looking at the regimental silver.  Mabel says that Sue is going to have a baby.  So Sarah will not be going away.

Part 5.  Terrible News.

An Indian soldier is decorated for valor with the Victoria Cross.

Sarah is at work.  She goes in to see her boss and he delivers some bad news.  Teddie is dead. 

Sarah goes to Aunt Mabel's place.  She sees Susan sleeping and lets her sleep.  Sarah tells Mabel that Teddie has been killed.  Now she must speak with mother.  She gives the telegram to her mother.  Then Sarah must tell the news to Susan.  She wakes her and tells her that something's happened.  Teddie's been killed.  Sarah says:  "I'm sorry.  I''m sorry."  Susan starts screaming "No, no!"  All the women run to her to calm her down. 

Part 6.  A Family Grieves.  

Mrs. Layton is drinking again.  The Padre and his wife have come over to see Susan.  Dr. Travis wants her to be kept quiet.  Mrs. Layton tells Sarah that she never really cared much for Teddie.  She says that Teddie wasn't very experienced. 

There is a knock on the door.  The Padre and his wife come in.  They tell Mrs. Layton that Susan wants a memorial service.  Mrs. Layton only says:  "If that's what Susan wants."

Episode VI.  Ordeal by Fire.

Part 1.  We Shall All Be Changed. 

Pankot, 1944.  In church Susan sings with the family.  At Aunt Mabel's place Barbie prays to God that she might be of some use.  She is very fearful of ending up like Miss Crane.  She goes into Mabel's room to tuck her in.  Mabel talks in her sleep saying the name:  "Jillian Wahler."

Part 2.  A Life Like Theirs. 

Susan is outside in the yard.  She listlessly throws the ball toward her black Labrador dog.  Sarah and her mother read the letters of condolence for the death of Teddie.  Aunt Fenny writes to say she's o.k. in Calcutta.  She is sorry to hear about Teddie.  Susan gets a letter, a letter she has been waiting for. She goes to her bedroom with the letter.  Count Bronowsky also sent a letter. 

After half an hour of leaving Susan alone, Sarah goes in to check on her.  The letter says that Teddie died from his wounds fighting the Japanese.  Captain Merrick was with him.  Even though Merrick himself was wounded, he rendered the utmost assistance to Teddie.  Merrick also reported that Teddie did not suffer. 

Susan opens up to her sister.  She tells her that mother did not like Teddie.  And mother didn't talk to her about the marriage.  She let Aunt Fenny do it.  Then she confesses that she did not love Teddie.  Susan also reveals that she has some very deep insecurities.  She says that she does not matter.  Sarah is a bit shocked and says:  "You matter.  I matter. . . . The baby matters."  Susan says:  "How self-assured you are." 

Susan asks Sarah to write to Captain Merrick to express the family's gratitude to him for what he did for Teddie.  And Susan wants to know all about what exactly happened to Teddie.  She asks Susan to go to Calcutta to speak with Merrick.  Sarah doesn't really want to go but she agrees to do it. 

While out shopping, Sarah sees Lady Manners getting into a car.  When she goes to Aunt Mabel's she tells Barbie that she saw Lady Manners.  Barbie finds that interesting.  Then Barbie asks Sarah who is Jillian Wahler.  It's a name that Mabel keeps saying in her sleep.  Sarah says goodbye to Mabel.  She is leaving for Calcutta tomorrow morning.  Sarah tells Mabel that Uncle Arthur is a colonel now.  She then asks about an old christening gown.  Mabel goes to her storage chest and gives the gown to Sarah. 

Part 3.  Sarah Visits Merrick.  

Newsreel about the Battle for Imphal against the Japanese.  Imphal is the capital of the state of Myapore on the Burmese border and is one of the British bases on the front.  The Japanese are on the offensive because they want to spoil any Allied attempt to recapture Burma.  There is no actual front line in the fight.  The fights have been occurring around the Japanese roadblocks.  The Allies have pushed the Japanese back and reopened the roads. 

Sarah goes to the hospital to visit with Merrick.  Sister Prior speaks with Sarah.  She says that Colonel Grace told them about her upcoming visit.  But Sarah is not a relative?  No.  But Merrick was the best man at her sister's wedding.  And Merrick was there when her sister's husband was killed in combat.  The sister says she will check on Merrick. 

Sarah goes into see a very bandaged Merrick.  His head and neck are bandaged as well as his left eye.  His hands are also bandaged.  Merrick says that it is a good thing she visited today because he will be having surgery soon. 

Part 4.  The Old Mystique.

Merrick asks Sarah if she remembers the evening when he came to say goodbye to her.  Well, this time it wasn't a stone.  It was something much worse and it killed Teddie.  And now he wants to tell Sarah all the details.  It began with a fellow named Mohammed Baksh.  He was a Jif.  The Jifs are Indian soldiers who turn coat to help the Japanese.  There were quite a few of them fighting the British.  Teddie was very upset about this.  Baksh was captured and brought in for questioning.  The man was from Teddie's old unit.  Merrick knew this because he kept looking at Teddie's cap badge.  Baksh says that he and two of his comrades were caught by the Japanese and forced to fight against the British. The Indian drops to kneel at Teddie's feet.  But Teddie never got mad at the man.  Rather he called upon the old mystique saying that he is still the man's father and mother.  It was ridiculous in a way, but Teddie meant it, says Merrick.  But Merrick did not believe the man.  He went to check with the commanding officer of the old unit about Baksh. 

When Merrick returned, Teddie and Baksh were gone.  They had taken the jeep to go find the other two Indians.  Merrick grabs a driver and jeep and follows.  They catch up with Teddie who is standing up in his jeep yelling the names of the other two Indian escapees.  Suddenly the jeep is hit by mortar fire.  Teddie is wounded and he and the jeep are on fire.  Merrick, without any hesitation, runs to save Teddie.  In the process Merrick is wounded by rifle fire.  It was an ambush.  As he pulls Teddie from the jeep Merrick's left arm catches on fire.  He is able to pull Teddie into the jungle.  Teddie died during the night. 

Merrick never saw Baksh again.  And Merrick was right.  The Indian had been lying.  But Teddie believed in the old mystique and he wanted to show Merrick it's true meaning.  Merrick adds:  "That's why he was killed." 

Part 5.  A Symbolic Act.

Sarah tells Merrick that Susan's going to have a baby.  Would he like to be the child's godfather?  Merrick says:  "How very kind, but under the circumstances it wouldn't be quite right."   As DSP in Myapore he handled the case of Miss Crane.  She locked herself in her garden shed which she had turned into a funeral pyre.  It was a symbolic act, a kind of protest against the loss of her old India.  He also mentions that he found the picture "The Jewel in the Crown".  

As he lay wounded he began to think about the picture as a summary for something grander:  Victoria and the Raja; I am your father and mother; death by fire.  For a moment he though of it.  The devotion; sacrifice; a cause; a moral definition of what we're here for.  The whole, impossible, nonsensical dream.   At this time the nurse comes back in, this time to chase Sarah out.  Sarah tells Merrick:  "I'll write to you from Pankot."

The nurse tells Sarah that Merrick is marvelous.  You would never know he was in so much pain.  His left hand was removed at the first hospital.  Now they have to remove the left arm above the elbow.  His face will be scarred for life from the burns he received.   The nurse said this in such a matter of fact, almost callous, way that when Sarah leaves, she says about the sister:  "Bitch!  You bloody, bloody bitch!"

Uncle Arthur is there to pick her up.  He says he has wonderful news.  The Allies have landed on France.  He tells Sarah that he thinks her father can be back home by Christmas.  Uncle introduces Sarah to a young man, Major Clark, who works under him. 

Newsreel about D-Day, June 6, 1944. 

Aunt Fenny speaks with Sarah.  She wants to know all about poor Mr. Merrick.  Auntie is shocked to hear how badly Merrick was wounded and burned.  She then tells Sarah that she though Sarah was a bit taken with Merrick.  Sarah explains that she came because Susan asked her to.  She goes on to tell her Aunt that she doesn't know what people mean by love.  About Merrick, she says:  "As a matter of fact, he appalls me."  Sarah says she never knew love.  Aunt Fenny says:  "You've go it all to come."   Fenny then says that Major Clark has been asking all about her. 

Part 6.  An Evening Out. 

Sarah has dinner with her aunt and uncle and three other military officers, one of them Major Clark.  After dinner the two women leave the table.  Aunt Fenny tells her to go out dancing with the three but watch out because one of them is drunk. 

Sarah is at a night club with the three officers.  The drunken one, named Tony, is about to go over the edge.  Jim Clark asks Sarah to dance.  She says that she understands that Jim went to Chillingboro, the same school her father attended.  Yes.  And he's been in India for six months and is off to Ceylon tomorrow.  Jim explains that Tony was going to be sick at the table so he wanted to get her far from the table.  He manages to get her alone.  He tells her the guys are  leaving and he wants to take her to a better place.  She says that he is not telling her the truth.  Yes, but they are going across the bridge.  Why?  To reach the other side. 

They go to a place where they listen to Indian music.     

Episode VII.  Daughters of the Regiment. 

Part 1.  Annoying Questions. 

Calcutta, 1944.  Jim and Sarah listen to Indian music.  The hostess is Mira.  She tells Jim that movement control telephoned.  The plane for Colombo leaves a half-hour earlier than they said.  Jim thanks her.  He asks Sarah:  "Mira is a stunner, isn't she?"  Yes, says Sarah.  He takes her hand, but she pulls it away.  Jim asks her if she is still a virgin.  "Yes, I'm a virgin," says Sarah.  He asks her if she is annoyed at him for asking?  A bit. 

Part 2.  An Appointment. 

Sarah goes through darkened rooms to a place to freshen up.  She puts lipstick on.  When she comes out , she walks into a bedroom where Jim is naked sitting on the bed waiting for her.  She is shocked and tells him to open the locked door.  He asks her if she is sure that she wants the door opened.  "Have I miscalculated?"  he asks.   He also asks her:  "Are you quite sure you don't want to lose that cherry?"  She still demands to leave.  He tells her the keys are on the night stand by him.  She won't go near him.  He tells her to please not blame Aunt Fenny for this.  She just wanted her to have a bit of fun.

Sarah says she is shaking because she finds it difficult to control herself.  Yes, her temper.  Jim tells her that she lacks joy.  Aunt Fenny has joy in her life, but she doesn't.  Aunt Fenny wishes her joy, but she doesn't want it.  He keeps wearing her down.  He finally gets the key and places it in the lock to let her go.  But first, he kisses her and she lets him.  He tells her to be joyful, not sad.  Then he starts unbuttoning her blouse. 

Part 3.  I Gave to the Indians. 

Barbie is at home.  She wonders if Sarah will ask Mr. Merrick if he knew Edwinna Crane.  She goes into Mabel's room to see her.  Mabel is awake and she asks Barbie:  Oh, you can't sleep either?  Barbie is going to leave, but Mabel asks her to stay and talk to her.  She wants her to talk about when she was young.  So Barbie talks about her mother and father.  She then asks Mabel what will happen when the war is over?  She says that she knows Mildred hates her.  Mabel doesn't want to hear it, so Barbie starts to leave.  Before she leaves, however, she wants to know from Mabel who is "Jillian Wahler".  Mabel tells her she was talking about a place, not a person.  She then asks Barbie if she remembers the Amritsar Massacre of 1919 when General Dyer killed all those Indians.  Well, they raised 26,000 pounds for the general when he was retiring.  So, Mabel gave 100 pounds to the fund for the families of the Indian dead.  There were some 260 victims.  "I though one hundred was the price of one dead brown. . . . I gave it to the Indians.  That's what she can't forgive.  That daughter of the regiment."

Part 4.  No Pain at All. 

Newsreel.  The Japanese are trapped at Imphal.  Either they withdraw or be annihilated. 

Barbie is going to see the church organist. Mr. Maybrick.  The organist wants her to glue together his sheet music by Bach.  Before she leaves she speaks with Mabel.  Mabel asks when Sarah will be coming back.  Sarah booked a sleeper for tomorrow night, says Barbie.  After Barbie has left, on the patio Susan wakes up to find Aunt Mabel dead at the table. 

The organist can't find the Bach music.  No wonder, says Barbie, he is standing on it.  Pastor Arthur Peplow arrives to tell Barbie that Aunt Mabel is gone.  She had a stroke. 

Barbie immediately leaves.  The men did not see her leave and wonder what happened to her.  The pastor speaks to Captain Kevin Coley at Rose Cottage, Mabel's place.  The Captain tells the pastor that Barbie is just arriving.  To complicate things, Susan is about to have her baby.  Mildred Layton screams for Aziz the servant but he is not around.  When she sees Barbie she yells at her about Aziz.  This upsets Barbie who tells her that she does not understand Indians at all.  The Captain tells Barbie that Mrs. Layton notified the police.  She is all shaken up.  Perhaps Aziz has caused the death of Mabel. Barbie cries. 

Susan doesn't want to go to the hospital saying that the baby has not finished growing.  But they coax her into going. 

Captain Coley tells Barbie that Mr. Maybrick is here to take her to stay with the Peplows for the night  But when Barbie is alone with Maybrick she tells him that she is going straight to the general hospital.  At the hospital she speaks with the doctor.  Mabel had a cerebral hemorrhage, he explains.   She tells the doctor that Mabel wanted to be buried next to her husband.  This is news to the doctor.  He says he will pass on the message to Mildred Layton.  He advises Barbie to get a good night's rest.  And, no, she can't see Mabel right now.  Come back next morning and speak with Dr. Inneghar. 

Part 5.  Mabel's Last Wishes.

But Barbie has no intention of leaving the hospital without seeing Mabel.  She tells the organist to go home, but he says he will wait for her.  Barbie goes to the hospital receptionist and asks for Dr. Innegard.  He has gone home.  Then she asks for his assistant, who is Dr. Lal.  He's in so she goes to speak to him.  She tells him that she is here for the identification of the body of Mabel.  The doctor asks her is she is a relative and she says yes.  He says that he was not informed of any such necessity, but Barbie just says it's some kind of message mix-up.  The doctor starts walking to the morgue to check.  Barbie is not supposed to follow him, but she does.  She reaches a door that clearly says No Entry and goes right through it.  Then she goes into the examination room proper. 

In the morgue the assistants are just turning Mabel over.  Her mouth is open and distorted as if she had been in great pain.  This really shocks and upsets Barbie.  She cries that Mabel is in torment.  Dr. Lal gets very upset.  He could get in trouble for this.  But Barbie repeatedly tells him that she is not going to say anything about what happened to anyone.  She then leaves.  Sister Matthews asks if she needs any assistance.  Barbie tells her she needs to see Susan Layton.  The Sister takes her to the room, but it is not Susan who is in the room, but Mildred, who hates Barbie.  Mildred sees her and says:  "You bloody bitch!"   Barbie begs her to listen to her.  If she doesn't, Mabel will haunt her and Mildred and all of them.  Barbie explains that Mabel wanted to be buried at St. Luke's  by her husband.  Mildred tells her to leave the hospital and stop interfering.  Then she proceeds to really insult her.  She tells Barbie to be out of Rose Cottage by the end of the month.  Barbie struggles with her briefly, but then drops to her knees to say that she is sorry.  She promises to do anything as long as Mabel's wish is granted.   Mildred gets the pitcher of water and throws it in her face.  This sobers Mildred up quickly.  She says:  "I told you.  I shall need a little time to collect my things.  Good night, Mildred."

Barbie attends Mabel's funeral but stays in the back.  Once everyone has left, the organist notifies her.  They walk over to the grave.  Barbie throws her flowers onto the casket.  They leave. 

Part 6.  Sarah Travels Home. 

Sarah sleeps in the bed with Jim.  She tosses and turns after hearing the news again that Aunt Mabel has died. 

Sarah is on the train heading home.  Two elderly women have taken her under their wing.  They are very concerned about her, especially considering the recent bad news.  Mabel has to change trains.  She says goodbye to the women.  They ask if she wants them to get an officer to escort her, but Sarah wants to walk alone.  The two say that women don't usually travel alone, but Sarah insists.  Shortly after Sarah gets off, the train pulls out of the station. 

Episode VIII.  The Day of the Scorpion.

Part 1.  The Train Home. 

Ranpur, 1944.  There's a special train on the tracks.  Count Bronowsky is one of the passengers.  Sarah walks over to him and he invites her to travel on his train.  Ahmed Kasim will also be on the train.  Sarah gets on and is introduced to Captain Rowan.  The Count asks about Captain Merrick and Sarah says he was badly wounded.  Bronowsky wonders if the boys fr

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